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Brain training websites

Here is a list of websites that you may find of value in your ongoing brain training...

The Brain Evolution System
A system of psycho-acoustic brain entrainment CDs that offer extraordinary results. 21-day free trial worth exploring at:

The Brain Metrix
This website offers brain training games that you can play online. The design of some of these games is a little clunky and can get annoying, such as the Memory Test one, where a pop-up appears after every go you complete. Nevertheless, a cheap way to get a brain workout.

Mini-Clips Brain Training
I love the miniclips site. Here is a page of brain games and puzzles to work your frontal lobes!

Luminosity Brain Games and Brain Training
Luminosity offers what is probably the best online brain training games. You can get a free trial to experiment and test them out before subscribing.

Sharp Brains
The brain training and cognitive fitness authority. This is a great site packed with news, articles and information right at the cutting edge of brain training.

Hubpages: The Brain Evolution System examined!
This hubpage looks at the Brain Evolution System's claims, tests whether they stand up to close inspection, and offers alternatives methods of achieving the same ends. Good resource for BrainEV fans or curious Georges!

BrainEv Forum
Here's a place where users of the Brain Evolution System can get together and discuss their experiences. Worth checking out for tips and advice and make new friends with similar interests in brain training and development!