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Peak Performance Brain Training Secrets Revealed!

By Richard Regal

Peak perfomance brain training is essential for anyone wanting to be at their best in the 21st Century. We've had lots of focus on getting fit and eating the right foods over the last 20 years, but very little attention is given to your brain. It's amazing really because this is like the source of the stream, and everything else flows downhill from there. You absolutely have to be performing mentally at your very best, if you want to surge ahead in life.

Today more than ever before, you need to keep your brain tuned like a high-performance engine. Whether you are an athlete, a student, a would-be entrepreneur, a solo mother who needs to be at her best, or a baby boomer who wants to stay sharp into the 'mature' years, peak performance brain training is an absolute must.

How do you train your brain to perform at the peak of its abilities? This is a question neuroscientists are giving a lot of attention to. Fortunately, there are existing systems that have been used to develop peak performance.

You are probably familiar with Yoga as a series of stretching and relaxation exercises, however this is just the tip of the iceberg. The many systems of Yoga are focused on mental development, with the ultimate goal of achieving cosmic consciousness, or enlightenment... a state of union with the Divine. To that end, for millenia, yogis in India have spent their whole lives dedicated to tuning their minds to the subtlest levels of awareness. This takes extraordinary discipline, time and sacrifice... something that very few people have in the modern world. We are fortunate though that science has provided us with shortcuts.

With the advances of neuroscience, we have discovered ways of 'reading' and mapping the brains of the greatest yogis, meditators, and even creative geniuses. These are the people that have mastered peak performance through their long arduous brain training methods. Various brain technologies are revealing  their secrets and we can now easily recreate those peak performance states in others.

There are some simple brain training ideas you can use to achieve and maintain peak performance. Breath control is a great place to start. By taking slow, deep breaths you calm and centre yourself. Whenever you are in a peak performance state, you can anchor that condition with a physical gesture or action like making a fist and punching the air. You will need to repeat this anchor many times to drive it home. Then when you want to get back into that peak performance state you can repeat the anchor and it will trigger the same set of emotional and physiological states you were in before. Relaxation and visualization practice also plays a huge part in getting to be the best that you can be.

But all this takes time and effort. Which is why the high-tech alternatives are so appealing!

You can now achieve the same ultra-tuned brain states in minutes that most peak performers have taken a lifetime of hard work to achieve. It seems a little unfair really! However, we can only be thankful and seize the opportunity to live at the peak of our abilities.

Richard Regal is a life-long researcher into heightened states of awareness and warmly invites you to discover a way to easily achieve peak performance in minutes at

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