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Brain Evolution System Review of Level Two: Lucid Echoes

A review of Lucid Echoes, Level 2 of the Brain Evolution SystemHere is my daily review of Level 2 of the BrainEV system, which is titled Lucid Echoes. I am supposed to listen to Lucid Echoes for 30 minutes a day for the next 30 days. I am allowed a day off a week. I will give daily reports here on my progress and findings using this level of these brainwave entrainment audios. Bookmark this page and return here to get my latest entries as I put the Brain Evolution System to the test. If you have arrived here without checking out my review of the first level of the Brain Evolution System please click back to BrainEV Level 1: Trancendence review



Day 31: "Extension of Mindspace" (25th November 2008) 
Wow! Just completed day one of Level 2 of the Brain Evolution System. It's called Lucid Echoes, and I immediately found the sounds more engaging than the underground stream sound from Level 1. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of it -- there is a muffled tube of wind sound through the core of it that seemed odd to start with, but then I got used to it. (Maybe it has to do with the brainwave entrainment frequencies?) There are sounds of a church or temple bell in the distance, birds calling, closeby a very gentle brook, and occasionally small creatures scampering across gravel at the edge of the water. It is very atmospheric and intimate and immediately pulls you into a very deep level of stillness. 
Brainwave entrainment with the BrainEV Level 2 systemFor a brief minute my mind was full of a blur of judgements, criticisms and evaluations of this new BrainEV audio track. Then that all subsided into serenity. I had a sense of hollowed-out consciousness, a dome-like extension of mindspace overhead and in front of me. This seemed like an extra dimension... of my inner space. My mind experienced a buzz thought and sense of a 'doubling' of the depth and stillness and being that had been experienced on Level 1 Transcendence. This was much deeper. 
It progressed and there were moments of 'disappearance' and then remembering oneself after. I became aware that my visual sense seemed greatly activated, and colors were vivid in my mind's eye. I seemed to be submerged in 3D visualizations, as opposed to 2D mindscreen projections. There was a sense of being in 'that' world. I was immersed in the realms that I was seeing and hearing and experiencing in all their vividness. 
Lucid Echoes gave me more engagement with the sounds, which seemed to have position and depth within the aural landscape. I became very still. It had the ambience of a 'spiritual retreat' but at home, in the privacy of my office. I'm so impressed! 
Day 32:  "Dream Dreamer" (26th November 2008) 
I kind of forgot about doing BrainEV until last thing, so I dutifully put on my headphones and played Level 2 Lucid Echoes as I was going to sleep. I plunged into a deeply still and relaxed state and I can't tell you much else apart from that. I did have many vivid dreams though and awoke the next day feeling very rested. Just before I awoke I dreamt that all these bulls had got out of the farmyard and had gone down the grassy hill into this valley. I had to try and get them to go back up the hill. They were so big and lumbering and a bit surly and aggressive though and ignored me. I saw a combine harvester and thought it was coming to help round them up, but it went along the top of the hill in a different direction. I took this dream to respresent the economy with the bulls representing certain previously 'bullish' industries that are in a slump now (in the valley) and showing no signs of returning to their former peak heights. The combine harvester suggesting that we have to look in different directions now if we are going to 'harvest' any new profits. Not the most insightful of dreams, I grant you! LOL! ;-) 
Day 33: " Thanksgiving Meditation" (27th November 2008) 
BrainEV System On this the third day of using the Brain Evolution System Level Two entrainment audio, I have to confess that I started badly. For the first 4 or 5 minutes, I am sure my mind was buzzing with complaining thoughts..."What am I doing this for?"... "This isn't working, I wanna go watch TV!" -- you know, all the usual malarkey of a busy mind. By about the 6th minute, I let go of that and started meditating proper. 
The fascinating thing about using these BrainEV CDs is that your conscious thinking mind (the inner voice) is the last bit of your mind to realise what profound changes are going on as it listens to the audio track. What do I mean by that? Well, imagine you are looking up at the night sky, staring at one particular star. The star is like your inner voice, it's sparkly and grabbing your attention. But when you suddenly become aware that there is infinite space every side of that star, stretching far beyond indefinitely and then all around and below you as well... it suddenly gives you a sense of the vastness of space, doesn't it? 
That's what happens listening to the Brain Evolution System. The non-conscious parts of your mind respond immediately to the brain entrainment, going into states of pure coherence with the frequencies embedded in the track. There is a sense of vast stillness and inner space around the little area of your inner conscious mind. 
The conscious mind twitters away to itself, but you kind of drift away from it. Your awareness shifts from identifying with the little me voice, to becoming aware that you are much more than you ever dreamed of. Your mind is huge, powerful, austere in its stillness. It has a magnitude and scope that is quite breathtaking to reflect upon. 
As you listen you become contemplative, open to thinking at a very deep level, beyond mere words. Here you get to experience intuition... the immediate comprehension of ideas without the step by step logical learning process that the conscious mind usually has to employ. I emerged grateful to be alive and aware how blessed I am to be alive and able to use these high-tech aids to achieve expanded states of awareness. 
Day 34: "Steamy Windows" (28th November 2008) 
 Sat in my car round about 6pm, this cold wintry night, and listened to Lucid Echoes, while waiting for my son. It's important to remember that The Brain Evolution System is essentially a meditation system. It tunes your mind, optimises it, and puts you in an altered state for the duration of your listening experience. I think it would be far better if I set aside a specific time each day to listen to it, rather than fitting it in where I can. However, it has been good to to do that, just to see how it affects me at different times of the day. Using it first thing in the morning would be good. So it set you up for the day. I don't know about you but it takes me an hour or two first thing to get into gear, and feel at my best. Listening to BrainEv before work would seem like an ideal use of this program. 
I was in a deeply peaceful state at the conclusion of the audio. I still had half an hour to go, so I listened to Ultimate Visualization which is part of another program that I am reviewing called, coincidentally, the Super Mind Evolution System. This is a course of instructional manuals and hypnotic audios, so it's different from BrainEV, but sat nicely together for my hour long wait. Where BrainEV is focused on achieving optimum brainwave states, Super Mind Evolution System is about tapping into the Universal Mind for success, luck and achievement by applying certain secret psychic techniques and practices. 
Day 35:  "Rest Day" (29th November 2008) 
Didn't play today; too busy with family things and watching X-Factor (UK equivalent of American Idol) and soccer on Match of the Day in the evening! 
Day 36:  "Bad Trip or Bad Timing?" (30th November 2008) 
I've really got to sort my timings out. It was quarter to midnight when I finally sat to do a BrainEV session. Unsurprisingly, I was tired, scratchy and restless. I did feel tranquil at times, and as an undercurrent, but the dominant theme of this session was agitation. I felt annoyed and bored by the Lucid Echoes audio. I was in a battle with my mind which wanted to escape the discipline of sitting there and just go to bed. I stuck it out (what a trooper!) and gratefully got into bed. Slept deeply and with interesting dreams, waking first at 5AM and then getting up at 6.30AM on the 1st of December -- feeling totally lucid, clear headed and in a thoroughly good mood. Can't help but think that despite my battles with the session last night, it still ended up doing me some good! 
Day 37:  "Delicious Tranquility"   (1st December 2008) 
Pinch and a punch for the first of the month, no return! By complete contrast with last night's rather disastrous late BrainEV session, today I got full value from The Brain Evolution System's promises of exquisite mindstates. I was sat in the car, (yes, I know, again!) waiting for my son to complete his swimming class. I put on Level Two Lucid Echoes listening to it on my iPod. 
Key Point: I turned the volume down, so it was slightly below where I thought I needed it to be. This was a revelation, as the resulting session was so gentle and sweet and enchanting. I went so deep it was like stepping off a cliff into a sea of warm melted marshmallow. I'd thought that I had to have it quite loud so that the frequencies could take full effect... and so, without realising it, I'd been stressing my ears a bit with some of the louder bongs of the church bells. Setting the volume back down below normal made the audio a background sound. It was more of a lullaby, and I certainly got lulled into a deep state by it. It was fantastico! 
When it ended, I was in such a nice deep happy place, I put on Celestial Luck which is another great hypnosis track from that other program I was telling you about, the coincidentally named Super Mind Evolution System. They go together so well. If you want to check that out as well, and get a free alpha mind mp3 meditation, go here. 
Day 38: "Ascending To The Throne" (2nd December 2008) 
Just completed another evening session with the Brain Evolution System. This Level Two program "Lucid Echoes" really does bring lucidity and clarity. Perhaps that is partly why I suddenly realised that I have been looking at the finger, and not the Moon it is pointing to, as far as this brainwave entrainment program is concerned. I have been trying to 'listen' to the BrainEv programs and getting frustrated and bored at times. That is entirely the wrong way to use them. As I said yesterday you need to have them at a comfortable background volume, so that you can set it and forget it. These audios are really enhancements for meditation and deep relaxation. They are vehicles to help you make the spiritual journey that bit faster and easier. They create an environment of calm. The BrainEv tracks act as an artificial oasis in which one can transcend normal limits. They are like the flying carpet on which you sit, meditate, and get transported somewhere else. You don't have to obsess about the carpet -- you just SIT on it! 
In my deeply peaceful session tonight, I have experienced moments of self-forgetting, where 'I' or 'me' disappeared into the present. It was like I dropped out of this dimension for a few seconds. Re-emerging from infinity, like breaking through the surface of a deep blue pool -- and wondering where I had gone. The best part of it though is in the letting go of compulsion and fear-based thinking. It is like dropping out of the false and landing smack bang in the deepest most truest aspect of yourself, where you have your true spiritual authority, and absolute sense of Being. I experienced a feeling of having all my desires already fulfilled. This is ultimate manifestation -- to step from wanting, longing, lusting, needing (the unfulfilled perspective) to being complete, whole, without desire (the God perspective). Try it! 
Day 39:   "Easing Off To Sleep"  (3rd December 2008) 
I confess that I left my session today until last thing and I lay down in bed to listen to it. What can I say? I 'disappeared' fairly quickly! Dropped off the side of the planet and slept like a baby! 
Day 40:  " Midday Tranquility  " (4th December 2008) 
Midday session on Lucid Echoes, BrainEv Level 2. Felt a bit uncomfortable to begin with. My feet were freezing; my chest felt a bit tight. And I had some initial resistance to sitting down in meditation. That melted away fairly quickly. I used an affirmation ("Peace, Be Still and Know That I Am God.") to help get stiller. The brainwave entrainment takes place at the unconscious levels of the brain first, and the conscious thinker catches up gradually through the listening session. During the session and by the end, I had that sense of merging with the 'completed Being'. By that, I mean, that aspect of who I am that is whole and complete, rather than any fractured or needy division of myself. 
Day 41:   "Car Journey To The Great Beyond" (5th December 2008)
Brain Evolution System Level 2 Support VideoAfter yesterday's session, I logged onto the BrainEV support site here and watched the instructional video that goes with Lucid Echoes, Level 2 of The Brain Evolution System. Now I understand why I have experienced some resistance to the sounds on this CD. I thought it was a volume issue. But Michael Kelly explains on the video how these additional distracting sounds are there to 'challenge' your ability to enter a deep relaxed state of mind. Level 1 was equivalent to a body-weight workout, and now Level 2 is adding resistance to help build up the mental muscles, just as you'd add weights to your workout to strengthen your body. It shows this Brain Evolution System really is progressive, in that it does help you progress and utilize your potential more and more.
Anyway, on to today's session which I completed just over an hour ago sitting in my car, waiting for my son to finish kicking butt in his karate class. Knowing that the unusual scuttling animal sounds, the dong of the bells, and the occasional caws of crows, were partly there to throw me off my A-Game as far as meditation is concerned, I made a deliberate effort to ignore them and go deeper within. And it turned out to be relatively easy.
Simply having the intention to go into the deep state of relaxation that the undercurrent frequencies encourage is enough. I let tension drip off me, like rivulets of chocolate oozing down the sides of a melting chocolate statue (uh-oh, I'm feeling hungry now!). My head drooped with relaxation, and inwardly I seemed to melt out into the landscape or mindscape of my inner being.
For a few moments I re-experienced that sense of 'dropping off the planet' as I call it. It's like disappearing for a few moments, only to suddenly recollect yourself. Oh and before you say it, I wasn't asleep thank you very much! It's not like nodding off to sleep. You are awake but not 'there' in the usual way. Anyway, it was really relaxing and I felt really good from it, especially as I have been suffering with a stomach bug the last couple of days. It was just what I needed, as the best way to heal is to forget your troubles. Having half-an-hour left to wait, I again listened to one of the hypnosis tracks ( Celestial Luck) from that other program I told you about that complements this one.
Day 42: "Sozzled  Family Antidote "  (6th December 2008)
I could have had a rest day today, but the truth is I really felt like a meditation session this Saturday evening. The extended family were around and fairly sozzled on vino and it was getting to be a bit like a nest of vipers in the living room! I felt lucky to take myself off for half an hour to 'tune in, turn on, and drop out' with the Brain Evolution System's entrainment process. Sure enough, my mind was in a feisty old state for the first few minutes, but bearing in mind what I learnt from the support video, this is to be expected. I just focused on relaxing and becoming still, and the 'peace that passeth understanding' gradually came over me. 
Hey, if you find yourself in a stressful family situation this festive season, why not check out the Brain Evolution System for the perfect antidote to the stress of seasonal family sydrome?
Day 43:  "Riding A Firework!" (7th December 2008)
Ay Carumba, just finished today's Lucid Echoes session a few minutes ago and phewbiedoo it was a good one! Not especially relaxing mentally today (in the trancey, slack muscles sense), but just what I needed. I had been feeling sleepy as I sat before my computer trying to write a column for a magazine I write for. I thought to myself, "I know what I need -- a BrainEV session will pep me up!"
I went and lay on the bed, rather than sit in meditation posture, and got into it. Or tried to. But I had lots of tension around my eyes and my mind was active. I put my palms up to my eyes and pressed to smooth out the tension, and that helped but my mind was very active visualizing and thinking about my goals for the work I do online.
The great thing was, I just let it run, and gently guided it towards a sense of already having accomplished my main financial goals, so that put a smile on my face. Then I was just riding on an inner wave of gratitude. But really my mind was so active and cheery that it was more like I was riding on a firework!
I only just remembered that I took an Acuity pill about 10 minutes before I started the session! When you take a free trial of the Brain Evolution System, you get two months supply of the neuro supplement, Acuity. I've forgotten to take mine very regularly but taking it today it seems to have a kick like a donkey! I feel wide awake and raring to go now.
Best of all this entrainment session has made me SUPER CONFIDENT!!! It spawned visions of where I could take my work, and the FREEDOM that will bring, and how I can share that with my family members and help them too. Great stuff. By the end of the session, I was just thinking 'THANK YOU! THANK YOU!' over and over like a mantra!
Now, I feel wide-awake, energised and raring to get down to work! It's damned good this brainwave entrainment stuff!
Day 44: " Vivid Goal Imagery"  (8th December 2008)
Had a nice deep 'car meditation' session with BrainEv this evening. Had no trouble at all going deep into relaxation. Consciousness felt massive at one point and so its shifts were like continental drift! I shmoozed from deep relaxation to vivid images and that was perfect for thinking about some work goals. Got a bunch of ideas from that, which I duly noted down at the end of the session. Little tip: Always keep a notebook handy when you are working with the Brain Evolution System. Ideas tend to come in a crowd and you'll want to get them written down. Not only does that create a permanent record, ensuring you don't forget them, it also cements a bedrock for deeper thinking. You'll build upon your ideas getting further progressions and evolutions of the ideas.
Day 45: "Rock A Bye Baby" (9th December 2008)
Oh dear! Started getting nice and relaxed from the get go with today's session on the Brain Evolution System ... only to fall sound asleep! The only Lucid Echoes were from my snores that woke me up just before the end. Hey, I felt a lot better afterwards though!! :-))
Day 46:  "Metaphysically Influential..." (10th December 2008)
I have just emerged from my evening meditation session with BrainEv Lucid Echoes. I am resonating with stillness and 'mental potency'. I feel primed,in the zone, super aware, and metaphysically influential. There is a presence that comes upon you when you experience deep meditation. As your normal conscious mind (and ego) fade away, it allows you to recognize something far deeper and far greater. It is your infinite being -- imagine it as a vast resonating energy field, present in all directions... eternal, universal, infinite and immortal. I was using the Brain Evolution System entrainment process this evening to become very focused on my main goal. Visualizing it as manifested, as real, as something I have already achieved. I did this and yet, because my awareness was expanding, on one level, it did not matter to me whether the goal comes true or not. It is enough to have experienced it 'inside'. I am enough...
Day 47: " The Immensity and the Revelation" (11th December 2008)
The fears of other people were on my mind, as I sat to listen to Lucid Echoes this evening. It's alarming when people not usually given to worry are struck by fear. I tend to be dry tinder to other people's fires, so I was glad to be sitting in meditation. The brainwave entrainment process encourages you to let go at deeper and deeper levels. You surrender your fears and worries. I did that quite easily this evening and progressed rapidly to a deep level of introspection and contemplation. The deeper you go into meditation the more illusory the outer world seems. All the things that seem so important when you are caught up in them, are not important at all. They are as nothing, brief eddies in the current of your life. Momentary shapes within the immensity of Being. In letting go, I found myself in a state of Being. And that Being had a fullness and completion to it. I felt at once all I ever would be and all I ever wanted or desired to be: I felt whole. The Brain Evolution System is a useful tool on your own journey of self-discovery. It is the accompaniment to Revelation...
Day 48:  "Sleepy Head" (12th December 2008)
Just completed an 8.30PM - 9.00PM (GMT) session on BrainEV Lucid Echoes. I'm yawning away writing this, and I feel like a complete sleepy head. Got up very early this morning and was out at the supermarket by 6AM. Busy day writing, and then long drive on busy winter roads to take my son to scout camp for the weekend. Stopped in the local town before returning home, and had a bap filled with pork cut from a roasting pig on a spit, right there in the high street. There were carol singers and Santa on his sleigh. Freezing cold. Got some french fries afterwards (all very delicious and a rare 'junky' food treat) before making the long drive home again. So, with all that I had a sleepy languid meditation session, about which I have nothing much to say... other than mmm relaxing, is it time for bed yet?? Sometimes not even brainwave entrainment can overcome physical tiredness.
Day 49:   "Saturday Stillness"  (13th December 2008)
Hi, how's it going? I've just completed another session of the Brain Evolution System's Level Two program. You know how it is. This time of year is completely manic. There's too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Not only are you trying to do your normal work, working on your personal goals to get ahead, keeping fit and healthy, running your daily life, mixing it with your family, there are birthdays and Christmas to cater and plan for too. Well, I was feeling it this afternoon, having woken up a bit late, and jumped right in front of the computer to write two columns that I had committed to do. Five hours later that was done and I could get up and eat something. But then it was onto website management, emails, preparing for a birthday party this evening, wrapping presents, thinking of a hundred and one other things ... well, you get the picture of a fried brain. You are probably going through much the same (or worse) where you are, right? I said enough's enough, and thought the best I could do was take myself off for a meditation session. Best thing I could have done. I rapidly found the brain entrainment process brought me to a stop. I found myself in a 'cylinder' of stillness, seeming to look down into Infinity and feeling at peace with myself and the world once again. My body was pegged, static, but my mind wandered free as I explored some ideas to do with my business projects and that was very useful. Then I just let go and rode the wave of Peace for a little while, before re-surfacing at the conclusion of the Lucid Echoes Mp3 track feeling a 1000% better. Very chillaxing!
Day 50:   "Silky Slide Into Sleep"  (14th December 2008)
Didn't get around to my BrainEV session during the day or evening, so put Lucid Echoes on as I was going to sleep. I remember a feeling of stepping down through levels of relaxation, as my muscles unlocked and released tension. I slept really deeply which is unusual for me (though this might have been due to my wife pulling an all-nighter to work through the night to complete some deadlines -- I had the bed to myself!!). Also woke the next day from incredibly vivid dreams.
Day 51:   "Pinned By The Cuban Heel of Stillness!"  (15th December '08)
 Having been bawled at by sleep-deprived wife (see previous entry), I just took myself off for an evening session of Brain Evolution System Level Two. Escaping into the brainwave entrainment process, I let go of all tension and had the strange sensation of almost feeling pinned to the ground. There was a sensation of pressure down through the front of me, it was the heaviness of stillness bearing down and dissipating stress and tension. Have you ever experienced feeling a bit stressed and flighty, and someone comes and leans on your heavily or presses hard on your shoulders -- and it feels good? The pressure feels good and comforting. Do you know what I mean?
When you are always running, fighting and struggling with life, if you get pinned down by a stronger force, you just have to give up and relax and wait. Well, tonights session was a bit like that. It was like a giant Cuban heel was pressing down inside my aura, pinning my spinning mind to a core of stillness. The only thing I could do was let go and be still as well! Great stuff! Feel better now! Oh and when I opened my eyes, and came into the light, I had that 'smokey' vision you get after long deep meditation. It's as though you can see auras. I think what happens is that your mind slows down, relaxes, and reaches a level in which latent clairvoyant abilities start to activate. It's just a bit. Sometimes you will see geometric energy patterns in the air, or little flashes of iridescent electric blue, things like that.
Day 52:   "No session today"  (16th December 2008)
Blew it today and just didn't get round to listening, not even when going to bed.
Day 53:   "Love From All Directions"  (17th December 2008)
Universal Love meditation with BrainEV Level 2Hiya! Just finished an afternoon session on BrainEv's Lucid Echoes CD. I didn't do a session yesterday, so I was looking forward to it today. I started out meditating Zen style with my eyes open. Then, when I was good and calm, I closed my eyes and began focusing on my breath.
As you know now, in Level 2 of the Brain Evolution System, they 'run some interference' in the form of somewhat distracting sounds. This is to challenge you to become more adept at developing inner stillness regardless of what is going on around you.
I thought if I concentrate on my breathing, the audio track will fade into the background of my consciousness. That way, it can do its thing while I do mine!
What I was doing was breathing into my heart spot (this is in the very centre of the chest, where the hollow of the chest is) and then following the breath back out. This started to evolve into imagining loving energy pouring into me from different directions in the Universe, and then breathing it out into the opposite direction.
So for example, I started by imagining breathing love up from the centre of the Earth below me into my heart and then straight up into the Universe to some imaginary Source of the Universe far off in Infinity. And then breathing love in from that far off Source back down into my heart and then exhaling it down to the centre of the Earth again.
I did this from different directions all around me. It is a good brain training exercise to mentally play with spatial directions around you. It is also very energising to imagine flowing loving energy all around you. You are at once the Source of this Love and the recipient of it. I finished the session on an absolute high. I then went and checked my email and I had got a wonderful testimonial for a ezine tips series that I write. It seemed tied in somehow with the meditation. The cherry on the top!
Day 54:     "Pristine Clarity"   (18th December 2008) 
Got up early and started the day with Brain Evolution System meditation session. I counted backwards and downwards from 25 to 0, to get myself good and relaxed. I think it helps if you have had some meditation experience or hypnosis experience so you know how to go deeply inside. For me today's BrainEv meditation was about becoming empty. I liken it to letting the silt settle in a glass of sandy water, so that the water becomes clear and you can see right through it. That's certainly how I felt mid-session. There was a clarity, pristine and brilliant within me. I've been on the go ever since and feeling great!! 
Day 55: "Full Blown Vision" (19th December 2008)
Just had a crackjack session with BrainEV. I was a little wound-up before hand, not with stress so much as excitement. Lots of business ideas flowing at the moment. Anyway, I sat down, put on my headphones and listened to the Lucid Echoes mp3 on my iPod. I don't really know what happened, I just seemed to let go really easily today and just entered a full blown vision of the future, which was as intense and vivid as real life. I was just totally caught up in it. I won't go into details because it was intensely personal. Suffice to say it was pretty mindblowing!
Day 56:   "Quick break"  (20th December 2008)
Just snatched a quick BrainEV break after a hectic day running around sorting out last minute Holiday Season bits and bobs. It was deliciously cool to sink into that deeply relaxing state of mind that BrainEv helps brings over you. A welcome break from the frenetic energy that is around right now. Now, as my son is away at his Gran's, it's back to the wrapping... it's almost midnight.
Day 57:   "Delicious Languid Sleep"  (21st December 2008)
Went to bed listening to Lucid Echoes. Didn't actually fall asleep during BrainEV because I had big clunky headphones on. But as soon as I finished, and slipped them off, I was out and slept like the Prince of Far, Faraway Land himself! Despite going to bed late and getting up reasonably early, the duration of sleep seemed long and languid and I awoke next day feeling really rested.
Day 58:   "Hot To Trot!"  (22nd December 2008)
Hi! Well, today I got off to a great start. Got up early and sat in meditation listening to the Brain Evolution System. It left me feeling peppy and jazzed up for the day, which was just as well as I had to hit the shops running for some last minute Christmas shopping. The great thing about BrainEv is its ability to tune or harmonize your mind. It's like getting your engine tuned so it's performing at its best. That's how I think of it anyway. Hope you are having a festive time of it and not stressing out too much!
Day 59:   "Alzheimer's Protection?"  (23rd December 2008)
Oh-my-Gawd! As Janice would say... Today I went to visit an elderly neighbour who has gone into a nursing home having fractured his hip. He's 87. I didn't know what to expect, but what I found confirmed my worst fears and apprehensions about growing old. The poor old guy shuffled out with one of those walker frames. He looked like death warmed over. We had to go through into the communal living room, and that looked like a parking lot for the morgue. There were ancient old crones slumped into easy chairs, heads hanging at alarming angles, horrible bloated limbs. When they did wake up they were clearly 'away with the fairies', suffering severe dementia, alzheimers or whatever you want to call it. I took my wife and son along and we were all shocked. Our neighbour seemed to have been infected by the mental void of the place. His memory was shot; he was flustered, confused and a shadow of his former self.
I heard recently that getting Alzheimers is the number 1 fear in America now. No wonder. Diseases of the mind rob you of dignity. This is where I think programs like the Brain Evolution System can come into their own. You just have to keep your mind healthy, sharp and functionng at its best throughout your life. Meditation plays a huge part in ensuring mental health into your old age. Brainwave entrainment can ensure a healthy brain 'climate'. It's an important part of any brain training or brain exercise program. When I got back from the nursing home, I ran... RAN!... to go listen to BrainEV and re-doubled my commitment to staying brain and body healthy into old age. You?
Day 60:  "Last day on Level 2" (24th December 2008)
Father Christmas takes a break with the Brain Evolution System!As well as being my wedding anniversary, today is the last day on level two of The Brain Evolution System. I felt shattered at 9.40PM when I switched off the light in my office, sat cross-legged against the wall, and listened to Lucid Echoes for the last time. As I got into it, I felt like some big frozen statue that was melting; gobs of tension seemed to drop off me and melt away into the floor! Eeuuwww. Maybe I should rephrase that! The point is that it felt great to login to the BrainEV's brainwave entrainment states of relaxation and ease. At the end, the shattered feeling had left me, and I feel peaceful and calm. A perfect 'place' to be on Christmas Eve...
I hope you've enjoyed my Brain Evolution System review of Level Two, 'Lucid Echoes' and feel encouraged to give brainwave entrainment a try yourself. Please join me as I continue the BrainEv review (of the next level) over the next 30 days by proceeding to BrainEv Level Three: 'Infinity'.


Remember   you can continue to follow my next session with BrainEV Level 3 or click the banner below to get started with your own experiments with the leading edge of brain entrainment technology...
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