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Brain Evolution System Review: BrainEV Level Four Review...

The BrainEV Review: "Crystal Rain"

First-hand Brain Entrainment Experience With The Level Four (4) CD of the Brain Evolution System

BrainEV Review - Level 4 - Crystal RainHello and welcome to my on-going review of the BrainEv system of brain entrainment CDs. My name is Richard Regal, and I'll be your "crash test dummy" for the audio system that has been dubbed "the most powerful personal development technology on earth."

Over the next 30 days, I will be using Level 4 of the Brain Evolution System, a CD called Crystal Rain. I'm really excited about putting this latest entrainment track to the test. If you're new to this site, please take a moment to look through my experiences with the earlier levels.

I strongly recommend that you start with my reviews of BrainEV Level One - BrainEv Level Two - and BrainEV Level Three - and BrainEV Level Four below - before investing in the Brain Evolution System. Only in this way can you be assured that this system of brain entrainment is definitely for you. Okay, let's get begin right now, shall we?


Day 91: "Sinking into the pleasurable Peace..." (26th January 2009) 
BrainEv review - Level Four - Crystal RainFollowing a rest day on Saturday (went to a wedding), and yesterday where I did a BrainEV session going to sleep, I'm making this the first official day of reviewing "Crystal Rain" -- Level 4 of the Brain Evolution System. I've been looking foward to this level of the 6-CD brain entrainment set. It promises to be the most relaxing. So how did I get on with it? 
I got up bright and early and following some exercise, I sat in formal meditation to listen to it. It begins with the sounds of pattering rain falling on a hard surface, presumably the crystals mentioned in the title. You then experience a rapid smooth descent into deep relaxation. Well, I did anyway! From the far periphery of your hearing comes the growing rumbles of thunder as a storm builds. These peals of thunder crescendo until they create a wonderful 3-dimensional effect over and behind one's left and right shoulders. 
I love the sounds of storms. The deep notes of thunder on this BrainEv track seem to resonate deep into my lower body and are very satisfying to listen to. Such an orchestra of power and majesty! This sound scape really is marvellous! 
For the first time in the entrainment series, I was unware of any feeling of slight discomfort or suspension. By that, I mean the sense of being held at certain level unable to go as deep as I wanted. With "Crystal Rain" however, I felt I was on a soft, velvety black cushion into which I could just keep sinking into the pleasurable peace and tranquility of it. 
I took the opportunity to visualize the joyful achievement of one of my goals so that I could re-program my mind at this deep level. 
The last few minutes of the BrainEV Level 4 track, I was aware that I was becoming even stiller. It really was a delicious state of inner sanctuary and repose. Definitely a wonderful new Brain Evolution System level to explore! 
Day 92:   "The Thought Plow" (27th January 2009) 
Clambered over into the back seat of my car, while parked-up outside the local swimming pool waiting for my son to finish his training session. Strapped on some headphones and turned on Brain Ev Level 4. Crystal Rain is like a snow plough, or rather a thought plow, it just seems to push through my mind immediately carving a path to deep, quiet Peace and restfulness. Had the feeling of vast space above me. Felt like I would if were standing beneath giant California redwood trees, looking up. There was that sense of scale in relation to the inner spatial depth of awareness and consciousness around me... 
"Even now, afterwards, sitting here in the back of the car, writing down my impressions to transcribe later onto my review site, I feel an awesome state of Presence vibrating around me. I am still... watchful... aware... awake... present and fully available to the task. This is peak consciousness. This is hightened awareness!" 
Day 93: "Pre-Paving Perfection" (28th January 2009) 
BrainEv gets a Fins-up review from the Goldfish Brothers!Woke up an hour early, so I lay in bed and listened to Crystal Rain as a way to start the day on the right track. Somehow I really seemed to fuse with the audio track sounds. Perhaps it was being in that slightly subconscious state anyway, but I felt unified with the falling rain and the rumbling thunder. I began visualizing my day and what I wanted to happen in it, as well as repeating a few affirmation style statements about how I wanted to think and act today. There is a real power in setting up ahead like this. I've heard it described as "pre-paving". What is meant by that, is that you are laying down the road ahead of time, so that when you get to that point in the day that you need to use it, it is there for you. Do you get what I mean? Using the Brain Evolution System of brain entrainment in this way is a tremendous aid to achieving and manifesting your goals and attracting the most fortuitous circumstances to you... 
Day 94:   "The Camera Freeze" (29th January 2009) 
Just finished my evening session with BrainEV. I turned the lights down low, and lay on the bed with my big headphones on. Crystal Rain didn't disappoint, whisking me away from mundane reality within minutes. I had limited sleep last night, and was aware that I could do with some deep rest in order to get back to my best. That I went deep is an understatement. Right now, I feel like I've been reborn, and am learning to use my body all over again! The Brain Evolution System is like those martial arts movies where the action freezes mid-leap and the camera pans around the main character with all the other characters frozen still watching with awed looks on their faces... I feel like that when I do BrainEV -- everything comes to a standstill as I become hyperaware and superconscious... 
Day 95:  "Head-hangingly relaxing..." (30th January 2009) 
My early evening BrainEV Level 4 session today was head-hangingly relaxing! I was on the borderline of sleep as I listened to "Crystal Rain" in the car, parked waiting for my karate-kicking kid to finish his training session. But I wasn't asleep. I was resting at a deep level and it-felt-gooooooood! As you practice with the Brain Evolution System, it's as though tiredness comes out, leaving the body and eyes, and you become rested and your vision improves as a result. That's what I notice right afterwards. There is a deep sense of stillness. If you are not used to that, it can be startling as your awareness expands to incorporate this underlying Peace and Universal Presence... 
Day 96:  "Good Mental Hygiene!"  (31st January 2009) 
Woke early with nowhere that I needed to be, so reached over, grabbed my iPod and put on "Crystal Rain". My dreams had been vivid but unsatisfactory in the content so it was nice to use the brain entrainment track to drop all the 'aftertaste' of them. Kind of like diving into a mountain stream and letting it wash you clean. Or maybe like running about in the rain -- feeling progressively fresher and more alive! 
I don't know if you've ever considered this but sometimes you wake up from sleep and you're kind of tense from a dream. Let's say you've been having one of those 'travelling' dreams where you are having to navigate through airports or trainstations trying to find the right gate or platform, and you keep losing your ticket. It's now wonder you wake up from that feeling a bit tense and anxious. So using BrainEv right after you wake up is a good way of dropping all that subconscious junk and properly resting your mind, so that you can begin your day 'clean and clear'. 
It's like mental hygiene. You wouldn't wake up and leave the house without brushing your teeth. In many ways, you're not fit to be seen in public until you've meditated and aligned your mind with the best of yourself. That's what the Brain Evolution System accomplishes. It puts you in touch with the best of yourself... 
Day 97:  "Attacked by a Ninja... aged 11!" (1st February 2009) 
My little Ninja keeps me present during BrainEV sessions!Dashed off fairly early this morning to meet with the current owners of an investment property that a family member is buying in a nearby town. (This person lives abroad and asked me to deputize for them!) Post-meeting walked round the town, doing some shopping, and then came back for some lunch and then fancied a Brain EV session. 
Immediately went really deep and fell asleep, only to be jumped on by my son who by Divine intervention had been inspired to do a Ninja attack on me! ;-)) I was still about half-way thru the session and wide-awake again, so I continued having dispatched my boy to another part of the house. 
A tremendous fierce awareness built up in me as I listened to the pattering rain drops masking the brain entrainment frequencies. I was on hyper-alert now, and really felt my awareness expand out not only to take in the house but the vicinity around it. It was bizarre, like my consciousness was that of a giant... much bigger than it would normally seem. Don't know what to make of it. 
Day 98:  "In the Mind Cathedral" (2nd February 2009) 
When you work from home, you've got no excuses, even if it is a "snow day" as it is here today. I've been nose to the grindstone (make that grind-screen) since 5AM and only stopped at 3PM for a BrainEv session break. Fortunately, I put my feet up on my desk, pressed play on my iPod and "Crystal Rain" washed me away from this frozen land to a warmer, more spacious place... 
Brain entrainment, or at least the Brain Evolution System, does strange things to your internal sense of space. When you least expect it, vast mental vistas suddenly open up in your mind's eye. Sometimes you can feel like you've wandered into some mind cathedral that stretches out before you and soars up high above. It is a very freeing feeling, like suddenly realising that your mind is much bigger than you ever realised before. 
That happened again today, only this time it was like a long long hall stretching out ahead of me, like a banquet hall or something splendid like that... Most unusual and very...erm...captivating. I feel like the Terminator today, or maybe the Energizer bunny, in that I feel really charged up with energy and able to just keep going. So, on that note, I'm going to bid you adieu and get back to work! Cheerio! 
Day 99: "Many mansions" (3rd February 2009) 
Well, I was on duty in the Dad-Taxi this evening, so did my usual thing, of parking up and listening to BrainEv to while away the waiting time. I was holding the Dr Kilstein hand mudras I've told you about before. Pretty soon I was so relaxed my head was almost on my chest. At first my thoughts were drifting along doing their own thing. Then I noticed something strange taking place. It felt like I was being "hollowed" out! 
You know how, at Halloween, you dig out all the pulp in the centre of a pumpkin? Well, it wasn't quite as messy as that (!) but it certainly felt like I was being emptied out. Perhaps it was just that awareness of inner space. That seems to be a recurring theme. It's great.
Have you ever had one of those dreams where you suddenly discover new rooms in a house that you had never realised were there before? It's kind of like that. In becoming inwardly "spacious", you feel freer, more liberated, more able to think clearly and cohesively. What's that Biblical saying about "My Father's house has many mansions"? The human mind is like God's house, with BrainEv it seems you can open up some of the long-sealed rooms in your mind and realise they are in fact mansions in their own right. Check it out for yourself with a free trial to BrainEV! 
Day 100: "Problem resolution..." (4th February 2009) 
Midday BrainEv session, taking a break from writing. Just sat at my desk in my chair with the audio track turned up a bit louder (my computer hard drive sits on my desk and is quite noisy). The first thing I noticed was a string of really vivid imagery to do with a work project that I am working on. It came in an intense flurry, and at first I didn't recognise how valuable it was. As I reflected on it afterwards, going deeper and deeper with the brain entrainment frequencies, I saw how it had presented the perfect solution to an issue I had with a client who was being very difficult about payment. Felt very rested and recharged afterwards...
Day 101: "Vivid Visualizations!" (5th February 2009) 
BrainEv Review -- Look who popped in to say hello!Another snow day here. We're blocked in with no escape. So after cracking the back of today's major requirements workwise, and having had a strenuous snowball fight with my son and the neighbour's son, I stole 30 minutes to listen to Crystal Rain and have a little "virtual reality escape".
If you are into visualization -- either for the manifestation of goals and things you want, or for the improvement of a particular skill -- you'll like the way the Brain Evolution System accelerates your visualization abilities. From some central core part of your brain, the images seem to flow in greater vividness and reality. Sometimes it just has a movie quality to it. You initiate the "screening" by thinking about it, and then it just seems to run, with occasional tinkerings in the "projection room" of your mind. I had a very vivid visualization involving Scarlett Johansson... well, you've got to keep warm somehow in these wintry days! Brrr! ;-) 
Day 102: "Turbo Tunnel!" (6th February 2009) 
It was snowing heaviliy when we got up today -- school was cancelled so my son was out the door like a shot and busily building an igloo in the garden. I settled into meditation posture on the floor of my office and got down to some serious BrainEV! The sounds of "Crystal Rain" were a welcome sanctuary from all the fuss of being snowed in for much of this week (the novelty was wearing thin, as were our food supplies). I experienced myself travelling through a tunnel, like you might get through a thick forest. All was quiet and still; there was a tangible sense of tranquility. Afterwards I was so charged up I got 2 newspaper columns written by midday. Good going!
Day 103: "Depths of relaxation..." (7th February 2009) 
Guess what? Yes, more snow... Yay... It does look beautiful everywhere, but I wish I could share it with some of the places in the world that really need it right now. News coming out of Australia is truly tragic with all the fires. I didn't get down to my Brain Evolution session today until just after midday. I'd been working busily in the morning, and thought a pre-lunch trip into the deeper recesses of my mind might be a good idea this Saturday. The great thing about Brain Ev Level 4 - Crystal Rain - is that it is so darned quick to assist you in going deep within. You just sink right down into the depths of relaxation with none of the obvious "challenges" of some of the earlier levels. It feels so soothing, to your mind, to your emotions, to your spirit even. There is just a wonderful appreciation of Peace...
Day 104: "Knackered..." (8th February 2009) 
Did too much snow shovelling and toboganning today. Was exhausted in the evening and never got round to doing a Brain EV session. The recommended way to use it is 6 days on, and 1 day off. I rarely take a day off from using it, so this can count as a rest day for me!
Day 105: "Stop The World!" (9th February 2009) 
Was damned if I was going to let the snow keep us house-bound for another day. Scrambled out of the long driveway, the car sliding left and right, and took my son and the neighbour's kid to school. Back home, decided to start the week with a Brain Evolution session. I'm liking "Crystal Rain" very much. It's my favourite, I think, of the four levels I've tried so far.
My experience using it, is that it's like stopping the world.
Imagine you had a freeze frame button, and when you press it, everything stops...still. Everyone and everything is frozen in the last position they were in, mid-sentence, mid-action. And you get that delicious pause... in which to chillax and feel calm again.
Of course, to help yourself get to that state, it helps to do something and not rely entirely on the brain entrainment process. And by doing something, I mean some kind of meditation technique like focusing on your breath flowing gently in and out, or repeating a word softly in your mind like "Love", "God" or "Peace". It just gives your logical conscious mind something to think about while your larger mind adjusts to the brain entrainment.
You see, what happen with BrainEv is that your conscious mind -- the "thinker" -- the "you" part -- is probably the last to be affected by the brain entraining frequencies. What you might notice is that, when your "thinker" mind pauses for breath, it might suddenly notice how totally quiet the rest of your mind has become.
BrainEv Review -- why the lush silence?!It's kind of like being in a tent on safari and suddenly noticing that all the outback noises have faded away and there is a lush silence as the backdrop.
Your conscious mind seems so miniscule at that point, that it seems irrelevant and just shuts up out of enforced humility in the face of something much vaster and so much more powerful. What an amazing experience to have! Why not get started yourself? It can only change your life if you let it... try the Brain Evolution System today! 
Day 106: "Bringing Things To Order" (10th January) 
It's 9.23 PM, and I've just walked out of the bedroom following today's BrainEV session. Can't say that I experienced anything other than another of those STOP THE WORLD deep rest sessions. I lay on the bed with my hands on my stomach, warmth easing up into my back from the electric blanket, and thought about the things that I need to think about. The time went quickly. My body was relaxed and peaceful. My mind just burbling along, re-arranging things, sorting through priorities, scheduling... not in a frenetic Stepford wife way -- but just an easy, relaxed, bringing-things-to-order kind of way.
Oh look... my vision is improved again! I always like that effect! Deep relaxation around the eyes and "abracadabra!" ... 20-20 vision, or thereabouts! 

Day 107: "The Snow Terminator!" (11th February)

My brain ev session today was incredibly energizing for some reason. After listening to the track, I was pumped -- mentally, emotionally and physically. I flew through my work quota for the day. And then started attacking the driveway. We'd been snowed in again for another 48 hours, and there looked like there would be no end in sight -- as there were dark hints of more snow and cold weather coming. So I went out and started digging, clearing a track for the car to get down the drive. You've got to understand that we live at the end of a long private drive that we share with two other houses. One of those houses is inhabited by a 95 year old lady. The other by a family like us -- but the husband was away for a month long course -- so no help there either. Anyway this drive is about 200 metres long. (Yeah! I know!!) I hadn't planned to clear it all. I just wanted to do something and maybe make it a little better. But I didn't stop for about 5 hours! And eventually I dug us out. Where I got this Terminator energy from, I don't know. I'm guessing BrainEV!

Day 108: "Sore back, BrainEv relief..." (12th February)

Ooh, I'm sore from all that digging yesterday. Listening to BrainEV Crystal Rain helped though. It felt sort of healing. I think that was mostly because it took my mind off the aching. I had to lie down flat to listen to it, mind. There was no way I was sitting for half an hour in meditation posture today. I had one of those "disappearing" experiences for about ten minutes midway through. The last third I had really vivid visualization -- so I took myself off for a mental back rub (that Scarlett Johannsson can be so obliging!).

"Isn't it about time, YOU discovered just how powerful you can be?
Take a free 21 day trial of The Brain Evolution System today and find out..."

Day 109: "Mental changing room" (13th February)

Having finally escaped from the snow, we were free to pursue our normal routines today. So around 6 PM I was once again on Dad-Taxi duty, once again parked up in a darkened car park outside the leisure centre (where my boy goes for Karate training) and once again listening to the Brain Evolution System on my iPod.

I found it deeply restful after a busy day. I was in a great "space" in which to think aloud about my life and plans and where I am right now. This Level 4 track, Crystal Rain, lets you evaluate your goals in a really clear inner space. It's a great place for fantasy and mental role playing. It's a place to try out new identities and rehearse new situations in the threate of the mind... It's like trying on new clothes for size & style. I felt very still. Watchful. Replenished - energy-wise. Feel much better.

Day 110: "Love is in the air!" (14th February)

Love is in the air, everywhere and all around! So I got up early, early and listened to BrainEv in bed, long before my beloved surfaced from the land of nod. I do love starting the day with the Brain Evolution System (or some form of energizing, inspiring meditation). I'm terribly inconsistent with it, but when I do it my day always seems to flow that much better.

I took the opportunity to plan and think about the events that I had arranged for today, and was able to see them vividly and clearly. This "pre-paving" as it is sometimes called (which is like mentally laying out the road you want to and are going to take) is tremendously valuable. It really sets the tone for your experiences. I find that all life flows when I do that.

Day 111: "Oops..." (15th February)

Sorry! Didn't use BrainEV until last thing at night. Went off to sleep listening and -- what can I tell you? -- slept really well!

Day 112: "Sweet dreams!" (16th February)

Just finished an evening Brain Evolution System session and 'overshot the runway' by half-an-hour! Woke up in the most deliciously relaxed way where I ever-so-slowly became aware that I was flat on my back in a lit room with my eyes open. It was like I was coming back from an outing to Mongolia or something... my consciousness took that long to return into the moment! Wonderful stuff!

Day 113: "The Lifeline to Greater Meaning" (17th February 2009)

BrainEv Review: Peering through holes in thought is like seeing underwaterSat in formal meditation against the wall in my home office. It was 11.35pm and the rest of my family were in bed, asleep. In my office I couldn't hear their snores as I sat yogi-like in the dark, cross-legged on the floor, a sweatshirt across my bare shoulders.

Towards the end of the BrainEV session, there were moments of time stopping... Me "giving up the fight" and allowing whatever was to just be whatever it was. I saw through holes in my thought process or stream of consciousness. It was like looking across a Seaworld aquarium. Or like watching a TV documentary about divers underwater, where the water is so clear and you can see right across... but it is silent... quiet... blue... and clear. All these qualities were there and manifest as a vivid vision of being underwater like a diver -- it was crystal clear.

As the Crystal Rain track faded away at 30 minutes, I found myself profoundly still and thinking, "I-LOVE-meditation!" I resolved to make this more of my life -- for it is the lifeline to meaning, purpose and realization.

Day 114: "Down To Business..." (18th February 2009)

A midday session of Level 4 of the Brain Evolution System was just what I needed to prepare me for an afternoon business meeting. I sat in my office chair with my earphones on, and initially just let my mind drift with the Crystal Rain sounds.

About 15 to 20 minutes in, when I was deeply, deeply relaxed and internally quiet, I began to bring my focus towards the meeting that was coming later. I'm not a big fan of formal meetings and don't usually feel very comfortable in them. In my visualization, I changed all that and enacted what I wanted to happen, experiencing the event in a positive and confident way.

I felt not only super energised by the session, but when it came to it, I was mentally at my best and the whole thing passed off smooth as silk. It was a breeze, and both sides seemed to get what they wanted out of it and everyone walked away happy. So for me that was a perfect outcome and a great use of BrainEV!

Day 115: "What Michael says..." (19th February 2009)

Priot to listening to track 4 of the Brain Evolution System today, I finally got around to visiting the BrainEV support site and watched the level 4 support video. Michael, the developer, says that track 4 "simulates modes of concentration" helping you to achieve "clear states of awareness without straying thoughts or irritation."

He described track 4 as like a reward after the more testing brain entrainment frequency patterns of levels 2 and 3. That has certainly been my experience, and I've described it on this page as my favourite of the 4 levels I've used so far.

He also said that Crystal Rain is beneficial for helping you deal with tasks that require mental efficiency, and helps you become more refreshed when worn down. That latter point really rings true. I've had several experiences of feeling really tired, including earlier today (only got about 4 hours sleep last night), and then feeling so much better after doing my BrainEv experience. Track 4, he said, teaches you and your mind mental balance. I think that rings true in my experience.

What will it do for you? Find out here!

Day 116: "Outta There!" (20th February 2009)

It's been the first decent sunny day of the year. I could eat up that blue sky it looks so good. Anyhow, tonight's BrainEV session took place in the Dad-Taxi (if you've read any of my other posts you'll know this is where a lot of quality BrainEv inspired meditation goes down!). Junior was kicking ass in his karate lesson with Mr Miyagi, so I tuned in and tuned out to the sweet natural sounds of Crystal Rain piped through my iPod.

I titlted my head back, closed my eyes and let my shoulders relax, let my face relax, let my arms and hands relax... and BOOM! I was outta there and patrolling the far borders of the Universe! Came back eventually to the realization that the audio track had stopped -- and I felt cleansed and refreshed and zoned to the bone! Ace session!

Day 117: "Rest Day" (21st February 2009)

Had people round to stay and didn't get or make a chance to listen to BrainEV. My loss.

Day 118: "Forever and ever vision" (22nd February 2009)

Woke up early this Sunday morning around 4.30AM and, rather than try to go back to sleep, slipped my earphones on and switched on Crystal Rain. I was already relaxed but listening to the BrainEV track made me realise that I had been tense in ways that I hadn't noticed and I felt this hidden tension draining out of me. A flurry of visual images span through my mind's eye eventually settling into a beautiful temple garden scene where I had a 'meeting' with an old Indian yogi who silently beckoned me to join him in meditation. I sat down opposite him, our knees touching, and he reached towards me with a long sinewy finger. I felt the lightest of touches on my forehead and experienced myself tumbling backwards through a maelstrom of lights. I kept falling and falling (rather like that scene from the Brendan Frasier movie "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" where they are falling down a hole for what seems like forever!)... this seemed to just fuse into a deep dark restfulness in which my whole Being seemed to have dissolved into the surroudings with such complete relaxation that I felt like I could have stayed there forever!

Day 119: "Busy buzzy" (23rd February 2009)

Busy day. Lots of deadlines to fulfil. Didn't get to do BrainEv until 10PM. Felt so good to unwind and let the brain entrainment frequencies work their magic upon my tired mind. Felt so much better as the stress drained out of me and was replaced with new energy. Don't worry though, I'm not too wired for bed... it's strength energy rather than buzzy frenetic energy!

Day 120: "Knowing Presence..." (24th February 2009)

The Brain Evolution System Level 4 - Crystal Rain - get yours now!I sat down early today for my BrainEV session, thinking about a book I was reading last night called "Invitation To Awaken" by Tony Parsons. I guess you could say that it deals with the metaphysical philosophy of Advaita as uniquely expressed from personal experience by Parsons. Anyway...

...Meditation came upon me like a warm current of familiarity, comfort and pleasure. I sank deep within, gently contemplating and feelings for a deeper, more accepting state of mind, which duly came, saturating me with a feeling of Being, Presence and Awareness...

"I feel afterwards that my energy field is congruent, toned like a muscle and tuned like a musical instrument. This is precisely what I needed today -- to begin the day 'in the driving seat' rather than 'running late for the bus'."

Wow, I can't believe this is my last day on the Brain Evolution System's Level 4 CD "Crystal Rain"! I've really enjoyed this level above all the others. I'm looking forward to progressing to the next level but also a little reluctant of letting go of Level 4 which has been the most relaxing and which I believe has the most consistently deep brainwave entrainment frequencies. Oh well, onwards with the journey, one step and a time. Make sure you keep up! ;-)

Remember  to come back tomorrow to follow my progress with (and review of) the next Level of the BrainEV system, or click the banner below to get started with your own experiments with the leading edge of brain entrainment technology... 
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