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BrainEV Review 2013 update

1st January 2013

Hi. Thanks for checking out my online review of the six initial levels of the Brain Evolution System. Your visit is much appreciated. As you might have noticed, my six-month BrainEV review took place several years ago now in 2008. Many have asked me if I still rate and still use the BrainEV system. I figured it was time for an update.

The Update

Truth is, four years on, I had stopped using the entrainment audios. The whole idea behind the system is that you can learn how to generate these altered states of consciousness yourself, via your own meditation and relaxation sessions. That was certainly the case for me. After 6 months of continuous use, I had anchored to the various brainwave patterns and super mind states and felt like I was able to access them without recourse to the audios.

Everything changes...

Of course, life is ever changing, things move on, other challenges come up. If you are not growing, you are falling behind. We all have to battle against entropy -- the forces that bring us down, make us old, weak or less capable than we could be. Whether it is aging, or taking up bad habits of not exercising enough, eating less than ideal foods, watching too much TV, texting or surfing the web for hours... our minds are dragged down unless we are totally vigilant. I wasn't. Better than most, perhaps, but still....

I return to BrainEV

So, I was interested to return to the Brain Evolution System and see if I could still get value from it. I began listening to it again, not in the way I used to... by listening to one track once or twice a day for a month... but instead listening to one track one night and then the next track the next night. Cycling through them. I felt that I had the equivalent of Brain "muscle memory" so that seemed okay.

What were the results?

Shazam! -- straight back to the heightened states of awareness and creativity that I used to have, which you can read about in the daily use reviews of each level. It was immediately visible in my day's activities. There was one website project that I had not touched for a year and a half because I felt totally blocked about it. It had really frustrated me. But now, after all that time feeling blocked, I just got on with it, and it was like being uncorked again. I was able to come up with loads of great ideas and get the thing flowing again.

I write a lot -- so articles were flowing. My day job as a newspaper columnist suddenly took on new pleasure. I was enjoying it, relishing writing more creative, informative and entertaining copy.

I'm always on the lookout for money-making ideas -- new designs came to mind, ideas for businesses, and opportunities that I hadn't noticed before.

I look for wisdom and insight -- and suddenly felt my spiritual awareness renewed, new perceptions and fresh feelings of gratitude were accompanied by insight, and good feelings. I was even coming up with jokes. Me? Mr Cheese!

Excited Again!

Suffice to say, I am re-inspired and re-excited by the Brain Evolution System. It is still cutting edge. And with the new Level 7 audio (I need to review that properly -- stay tuned), there are new places you can go with it.

With the 2013 relaunch of the Brain EV System, I can still offer my full endorsement and recommendation for this excellent neuroscience-backed brain training system.

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