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Brain Plasticity

4 Ways To Shape A Brighter Future With Brain Plasticity

Brain Plasticity: 4 ways to shape your future with brain plasticity

Brain plasticity is a term that describes the incredible adaptability of YOUR human brain. Far from being the stuck-in-cement beings that we often feel ourselves to be, we can change our minds for the better. The brain is responsive. The brain is listening and ready to correspond with your dominant wishes. You can make changes and overcome habits of a lifetime.

Here are 4 ways to use the awesome transformation potential of brain plasticity to create the life of your dreams.

1. Get Smart
Your brain loves to learn. To your brain, learning is like a big ice cream on a hot day -- it just laps it up. You can transform the condition of your brain by learning something new everyday. The structures of your brain are changed forever by additional knowledge. Why is the brain plastic? It's plastic so it can absorb new information and adapt accordingly, becoming a more efficient 'organ of service' for you.

2. Get Real
Hold up the truth mirror to your life and take a long hard look. Look at your beliefs and how they affect your actions. Why do you think and act the same way over and over? Why do you repeat the same mistakes in relationships? Why do you sabotage your success every time? These are old, stuck beliefs, thoughts and ideas that you impressed upon your brain in ages past. Like a groove in a record or pits in a CD these cause your thoughts (and then actions) to play the same way over and over. You have got to scratch the record, and stop the needle from slipping into the same groove. You have to create a new neural pathway.

3. Get Busy
Creating new neural pathways takes effort. Your thoughts take the path of least resistance and fall easily into well-worn grooves. But your brain plasticity means you can impress new commands onto your brain. You just need to repeat the instruction enough times for it to take. Let's say you want to get up in the morning and greet your family with a cheerful, happy attitude instead of that crabby, grizzly bear mood that you are typically in. Tomorrow, and every morning for the next 30 days at least, you need to force yourself to put on a big smile, put some energy into your voice, and be kind from the get go. Do it consistently and you will change forever by creating a new neural pathway. Impress your mind - get busy and be consistent with your changes!

4. Get Vigilant 
Old habits and negative behaviors have had long practice. They are like well-worn tracks in the jungle. It's easier to follow their trails than it is to hack a new track in a different direction. Be vigilant and intercept negative thoughts and habits before they are completed. Replace them with new thoughts and behaviors. Accept that you are going to feel uncomfortable and confused while you are changing your habital ways of thinking and acting. This is normal. It's called cognitive dissonance. To counter it, we use cognitive therapy. That basically means think positive. Positive thoughts (even if 'false' to begin with)lead to positive feelings which leads to positive actions which leads to a glowing life. As you hack a new trail through the jungle of your mind, it will become clearer and clearer and the old path will become overgrown and disused. 

Our brains are automatically shaped and developed by the experiences and environments we grow up in. No wonder that so many of us fall into habits and beliefs that do not serve us. How wonderful then to discover that we have evolved or been created with brain plasticity - the ability to change our lives whatever our age or circumstances. Knowing this, we can take conscious control of our lives. We can learn to use our brains more effectively by reshaping them and restructuring them with positive choices, thoughts, and actions. And thus we can create the life of our dreams.

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