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Brain Evolution System Review: Brain EV Level Six...

The Brain Evolution System Review of Level 6 - "Fusion"


The Brain Evolution System Level 6 ReviewHello and welcome back to my review of the Brain Evolution System. My name's Richard Regal and over the next thirty days I will be using (and reporting back to you with my experiences) Level 6 -- "FUSION" -- the final stage of this 6 level set of brainwave entrainment audios.

(If this is your first time at this site, please take a look at my review pages for the five earlier levels of Brain EV before your proceed here. Here they are: BrainEV Level One - BrainEv Level Two - BrainEV Level Three - BrainEV Level Four - Brain EV Level Five.)

Okay, let's crack on with "Fusion"...


Day 151: "Fusion or Confusion?" (April 6th 2009)

So, here we are, day one with Level Six of the Brain Evolution System. I didn't know what to expect, but it quickly became apparent, as I listened, that 'Fusion' was exactly that, a combination of all the tracks of the previous levels. I recognised sounds from previous levels and they all seemed to intermingle and be 'fused' together. At first, I didn't like it. It seemed a bit amateurish, like the makers had looked at each other and thought, "What the hell shall we do now?" and then had a brainstorm and said, "Let's throw them all together." It seemed more like confusion than fusion. But as I have experienced resistance initially with every level, I carried on... and sure enough enjoyed it. It wasn't as extreme as some of the other levels have been, but I felt quietly balanced and calm afterwards.

Day 152: "Transitional Aid" (April 7th 2009)

Listened to the 'Fusion' track before bed. Not the ideal timing, however it did help me transition from the trials of the day to a state of peacefulness ready for sleep. Dreamt long and pleasantly through the night and awoke with clear memories of what I had dreamt. Got a few pages worth down in my dream journal...

Day 153: "Time travelling 25 years back" (April 8th 2009)

Level 6 FUSION - review of the Brain Evolution SystemFelt very tired as I sat down at 8PM, to do my session with Brain EV Level 6. I was relying on it to clear the fatigue from my brain so that I could do some work later tonight.

In a way, 'Fusion' is lighter and more interesting than many of the other levels for the simple reason that it combines them, and creates an interesting array of mental experiences along the way. I am already thinking of it as the equivalent of a full body workout, a sort of circuit training for the brain.

Anyway, at some point, I relaxed, let go, and found myself thinking about a situation from 25 years ago, and reliving it in a 'new, improved' way. It was a kind of wouldda, shoulda, what I wish I had said and done kind of thing, and it was nice to play it out in the enhanced way.

Feel much clearer headed and more energised now, so if you will excuse me, I will get down to my work while the engine is hot!

Day 154: "Good start!" (April 9th 2009)

Woke early and got down to my Brain EV 6 session. Everything seemed to gel today. I'd had good dreams so maybe that helped set me up for a great meditation session. Certainly I experienced a pervasive sense of calm, control and centredness. I feel great as a result and am looking forward to the rest of the day...

Day 155: "Putting the Brakes on!" (April 10th 2009)

Didn't stop till about 11.45 AM after another early start, but then thought, STOP!!! I want to do some brain entrainment!! I needed re-energising and was looking for some inspiration for an article I had agreed to do at short notice. The re-energisation came with the deep feeling of relaxation and peacefulness throughout the meditation session... and the inspiration hit me about 15 minutes after I finished the session. So a double thumbs up today!

Day 156: "Chillaxed!" (April 11th 2009)

Yeah, I think I'm definitely getting the 'swing' of "Fusion" now. I got straight into it this evening, after a hard day's work, and it all just worked the way its supposed to. It was as if it took a mental broom to all my concerns of the day, swept them away, and left me feeling chillaxed and at ease. You can't ask for more than that really!

Day 157: "Full of The Joys of Spring!" (April 12th 2009)

How to feel happy with FUSION, level 6 of the Brain Evolution System!What a beautiful Spring day it was today. Went on a family outing about 2 hours drive away and returned in high spirits. Did an evening session with Fusion and really enjoyed it from start to finish. I think I was just riding a smile that had started early in the day and continued right through. When you get those sort of days you just throw up your arms, embrace it fully, and think, "Thank you! Thank you!, Thank you!"

Gratitude makes everything magical. And approaching meditation with a thankful heart is guaranteed to translate into wonderful, meaningful experiences and adventure in consciousness... Try the Brain Evolution System for yourself, I think YOU deserve to feel wonderful too...

Day 158: "The Rock" (13th April 2009)

The Brain Evolution System is a reliable rock amidst the turbulent waters of life. I did my session first thing this morning before setting out on my day, and it was a good thing I had as I ran straight into a maelstrom of bad news that might normally have knocked me out. As it was, despite feeling a wave of cold come over me as I recognised the significance of the events, I moved to a calm place and was able to respond rather than react. There's a big difference, I'm sure you appreciate. I put it down to the deep centreing effect of doing the Brain Ev course these last few months. I'd say its built a kind of mental "firewall" in me, that I only really recognise when a malevolent "virus" (unwanted event or experience) tries to attack my sense of equilibrium. I feel like an unsinkable ship!

Day 159: "Something wonderful, magical and vast" (14th April)

FUSION, unify the parts of your brain with entrainment love!There's something to be said for getting up early and getting your head right before you begin your day. When I've used the Brain EV audios in that way my day flows smooth as silk. People seem to treat me better. Things go my way. The unexpected is pleasant and a blessing, rather than shocking and a curse. Today, was a perfect example of that...

I began the day with a 'Fusion' session, and it opened my heart. It stopped me in my tracks and let awareness enter into the equation. You can only truly be aware when you have stillness. Mental poise is necessary to see through the usual stream of consciousness. When you are watchful... observant... something else occurs.

Your true self is the gentlest most ephemeral-seeming thing because it underlies everything. It is nothing and everything... it gives space in which everything can occur. Your true self is infinitely patient because it is Infinite, it has no definitions, no parameters, it is a willow the wisp as far as your habitual brain is concerned.

Your normal way of thinking is like a hammer and anvil... all heavy handed, clanking and noisy. This blinds and deafens you, preventing you from sustained consciousness of what you really are. You become enamoured of falsehood. Distracted and enmeshed in the avatar of this game called life that you are playing.

The real YOU waits... beneath all this. Expansive, loving, beautiful... something wonderful, magical and vast... it seems transparent, without substance to your brain... but through expanding your awareness you get to glimpse it. Perhaps only for a second or two. Perhaps longer. Brain EV opens those moments.

Fusion puts those glimpses in your hands. Once you glimpse it, you are intrigued, probably changed forever at some level. You will of course fall back into the illusions of daily living, the rat race and all the hoo-hah that we mistake for real life. It's the paradox of living I guess. This spiritual life is what we seek, and yet the concerns of the physical life blind us to what is there all along.

Perhaps we can learn to blend the two. To have it good while we work to supply our more basic needs. To feel empowered and not afraid because we sense and have awareness of something beyond death, beyond the temporary, something timeless and wonderful to us... Brain EV 6 seems to help achieve that "fusion" between the physical and spiritual (meaningful) life...

Day 160: "Just like brushing your teeth!" (15th April 2009)

I love the feeling that comes when you've had a tough day, and your mind is wired and fried, and you turn on the Brain EV audio and it's like turning on a hot shower inside your head, it just washes all the gunk, goo and hoo-hah out of you. It's wrong to drag all that BS home with you and inflict it on your family. Brain EV is good mental hygiene. It makes you a more tolerable person to be around. Least that's what my wife says. If I forget, as I did this evening, she says, "Honey, have you done your meditation today? I think you should..." And you know what, as always, she is and was right!

Day 161: "Can't Beat Home Cooking!" (16th April 2009)

There is just the right BALANCE to this Fusion CD. I guess that's what they were batting for. Either way, they certainly hit it out of the park with this track. I don't know... I just feel RIGHT with it, you know? It kind of fits like a glove. I'm sure it's all the pre-training on the other brain evolution entrainment CDs that I have done. However, it's just gelling together in the sweetest way. I don't think I have much to say other than that. It was the kind of meditation equivalent of a really satisfying, honest-to-goodness home cooked meal. Does that say it? I think it does...

Review: FUSION, Level 6, Brain Evolution System

Day 162: "Afterglow...ahhhhhhh..." (17th April 2009)

As I was listening to 'FUSION' this morning, I experienced a moment where I realised I felt a complete sense of bliss. It was a moment of both forgetfulness and remembering. Forgetting all that is petty, worrisome and unimportant, and remembering all that is important, significant and meaningful right here, right now. It was lovely and the afterglow of it has sustained me all day long...

Day 163: "No resistance" (18th April 2009)

The sun shone on this day and everything seemed right with the world. Pretty good place to be in, all things considered. How much that was down to the stonkingly good Brain Evolution System meditation I did first thing this morning, and how much to the joys of Spring, I can't say. What I can tell you is that having awoken with a smile, that only deepened as I sat upright and still through the FUSION track. I really like this mix of the brain wave frequencies that have been fed to us through the earlier levels. My brain just seems responsive to each one, so that it knows exactly what to do, and does it. No resistance. Just going with the flow and feeling good about it....

Day 164: "Out of body" (19th April 2009)

Flying has never been easier! Hop on a Brain Evolution System CD and you're away!Took my son to a property I'm furnishing; he mowed the lawns while I gathered together the flat pack furniture packaging materials ready to take to the dump for recycling. It was hot and sweaty work but we enjoyed it.

Got back home and while he went off to play, I dug out my CD player and listened to FUSION on that. Lay down flat on my home office floor and 'chillaxed' to the brainwave entrainment mix of sounds.

Soon lost sense of the room and the next thing I knew there was a rushing roaring water sort of sound and sensation as I barrelled back into my body, having floated off near the ceiling. Eek! Haven't had an out of body experience for several years -- and wasn't expecting one today. Feel elated!

Day 165: "Smooth living..." (20th April 2009)

Given that you can get a free trial of the Brain Evolution System, there really is no excuse not to give it a try, if you've been reading thus far. We live in an age of overwhelm and it's easy to put off getting involved in 'some other thing' but I think this is really different. It's just a really good tool for harmonising your brain in troubled times.

I was driving along today and something set off a small flare of anger in me, and after I 'came to' from my little fantasy of expressing my anger to the person involved, I suddenly realised that I couldn't remember the last time I felt really angry. It has been weeks and weeks since I lost my temper with anyone. My 'buttons' are no longer hot ones and no-one seems to press them anymore! I can only put that down to the work I've been doing with Brain EV... and presume that my brain is just working in ways that help me 'get along' with people that much better than before.

LIstening to Brain EV today, for example, I emerged afterwards feeling really good, and that stays with me through my days. Because I feel good, I feel good around other people and we all seem to rub along together with no friction ...other than of the pleasant kind! Lol!

Day 166: "Birthday preparations" (21st April 2009)

My sister-in-law's 40th birthday today and, as we were hosting it, there was a lot to do. We put up a marquee in the garden, decorated everywhere with chinese lanterns and balloons and banners, and generally made sure she knew she was the star of the day! In preparation for all this giddy madness, I started the day with a Brain EV meditation. Good thing too. I was feeling just a little 'tense' about all the things we had to do today. But once I got in the 'hot seat' of meditation and let FUSION melt me like butter in the sunshine, I immediately knew the day was going to flow like liquid gold -- smooth and beautiful -- and it has (so far!). It's such a great tool for harmonising your mind and emotions.

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Day 167: "Connected" (22nd April 2009)

I've just done a post-dinner meditation with FUSION. (I don't recommend this as usually you have a full stomach, feel a bit sleepy, and sitting still is harder. That all said, I had a great session!) Found myself thinking of one of my parent's dogs that I heard they had to have put down today. She was a Spanish sherperd dog, called Biggie Small, a big mastiff sort of creature that they found wandering abandoned on a city freeway. She was a very diffident kind of dog, with shy eyes that made it all the more special when she would gaze at you, in that way that only big dogs can... a special being. The unconditional love that a dog gives is amazing... Anyway, her presence filled my consciousness while the brain entrainment track took me down into the deeper reaches of awareness... and now I feel at peace and connected. It's nice to feel such warm gratitude for the experience of that life that she was...

Day 168: "Cosmic glass of milk?" (23rd April 2009)

Awoke with the birds this morning. If you live in a city without much greenery maybe you are unfamilliar with this. But there are small feathered mammals that fly about and make pretty little songs first thing in the morning. It's a great sound to wake up to if you like that sort of thing -- and I do. It was around 4.30 AM (they keep rotten hours) and after listening to them I reached over and got my headphones on and pressed play on the Brain EV 6 track: FUSION. With the volume set so I coud still hear the dawn chorus, but sufficiently high to cover the ... ahem! ... snores of my darling wife, I plunged into the brainwave entrainment experience.

If I could describe my consciousness as then having a creamy, milky flow to it, that would be the best way of alluding to what I experienced then. It was like swilling around in a cosmic glass. I didn't know which way was up and which was down, and I didn't care one jot. It was a blast! Strange, weird, yes. Unusual, definitely. Fun, without a doubt! Been playing on my mind all day long, and kept me smiling!

Day 169: "Fuel for hard labour!" (24th April 2009)

Good meditation with FUSION this morning, just before work. It set me up nicely for a five hour stretch of non-stop deadline-meeting grind! Carried me through about four and a half hours with no problem and lots of energy before I started to get a tad antsy, so I think that is pretty good going. This was real nose to the grindstone, attention-to-detail stuff... the kind that you usually try everything you can to put off! Lol!

Day 170: "Core of stillness...." (25th April 2009)

I'm liking how nicely balanced I'm feeling as a result of using this level 6 CD from the Brain Evolution System. It's melting the disparate parts of my being into a big juicy whole that can fire on all cylinders and get stuff done! While I was listening earlier, I felt like a timeless pole of energy, just stationed in a place of quiet sanctuary. It was as though the core of me was completely still, and everything outside was emerging from that source and influenced by its serenity. I've been feeling blissfuly peaceful ever since.

Day 171: "What YOU make of it!" (26th April 2009)

The Brain Evolution System: Level 6: FUSION -- let it flower!Ever notice that life is what you make of it? All tools are only as good as the use you put them to, and the creativity and skill with which you wield them. Brain entrainment is no different. I can imagine that there wil be some people who will fail with brain entrainment. Some people are in permanent quest mode, for them it's all about searching and not about finding. They are addicted to the feeling of being lost, of needing help, of the hope of finding the BIG SECRET, the one thing that will change their lives forever. They are voracious in their neediness... signing up for this teaching, buying courses, gadgets, trainings of all kinds, and never really using any of it. Their loss!

You are at cause in your inner spiritual, mental and creative life. You get out what you put in. You must initiate positive experiences if you want to have positive experiences.

Take the Brain Evolution System for example. When I listen to it, I participate by being willing to relax, to let go, and expand my consciousness. I expect that to happen, and so it does. There are times when I have been critical and resentful of it, and on those days I have to process my experiences through that resentment. When I put myself into it, showing willingness, I get the desired reactions and experiences.

Today I sat listening to FUSION and just felt my heart open with gratitude. It was an amazing feeling; a powerful spiritual experience. But I started it. I intiated it by sitting down and turning my mind to the thought: what am I grateful for? And as I listened, my brain transitioned from making a list of all the things I am thankful for... to actually feeling an enormous sense of gratitude (a mixture of awe, thankfulness, love and joy) which expanded right through me and carried me away with it...

Day 172: "Hush little baby" (27th April 2009)

Didn't get around to my Brain EV session until last thing at night, but I can confirm that FUSION amongst its other talents is a good transitional aid to get you to sleep when you are 'wired' from lots of work/activity late into the night. It has the butter on a hot skillet effect of melting the tension out of your mind and body. I went down like a lead weight dropped over the side of a ship, yet was aware enough to slip off my headphones as it ended, and fal into the sleep of the dead!! If you have trouble sleeping (maybe because your mind gets in the way as soon as you settle into bed), the Brain Evolution System will probably sort you out. I haven't had any trouble getting off with it (to sleep!!! You animals! Lol!) over the last few months...

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Day 173: "Catching the lightning!" (28th April 2009)

Well, the dad-taxi was in service today. As I waited in the car for my son to finish his swimming training session, I listened to Brain Ev Level 6 FUSION. My mind was hopping about like a frog across lily pads, but as the audio track played I felt a blanket of peace descend from above.

It seemed to float down through me like a fishing net, catching all the noisy, restless thoughts and removing them from my mind... or at least dragging them back down into the unconscious reaches from which they first emerged.

The early evening sunshine was shining in on the front of the car, making it slightly too warm. But I was sinking down into a delicious state of tranquility. It was just what I needed. For several nights, I've been going to be late and getting up early, so I am slightly sleep deprived. This had affected my mood this morning, when I found myself in quite a fug about life, where I am living, and what I have achieved (or rather, what I have NOT achieved!).

The deep rest that brain entrainment provides, taking you down into the deep brainwave states, is just the ticket when you are skipping your full quota of sleep. I went to a place that was sufficiently restful that I re-emerged a new man afterwards. Now as I am writing this I feel like I've got lightning bolts firing from my hands!! Whee! Good stuff!

Day 174: "Doubling Up!" (29th April 2009)

The Brain Evolution System -- master your brain with the ultimate brainwave entrainment CDs Woke up in good spirits, refreshed and alert, so after my ablutions and some exercise, I sat down for a Brain Evolution System session. However, today I decided to add a twist to it by simultaneously listening to a guided meditation ("The house on the right bank", from Jack Black's Mindstore program). I had this on my iPod, and I listened to it through earphones, and then had the Level 6 FUSION track playing on a CD player through big headphones that fitted over the earphones. (Sounds a little dumb now I come to write it down... but this is what you get when you leave me alone for too long!).

So how'd it go? Um... not bad, not a riveting success either. I could have picked a better guided meditation as the one I used was broken down into steps rather than a continuous thing and the voice was trying to bring me out when I was deep into the Brain EV track. Fortunately I was left with about ten minutes of unadulterated FUSION, and that left me calm, refreshed, purposeful and in a good mood that has lasted all day long.

Day 175: "The Brain Kick!" (30th April 2009)

This morning I started the day once again with the Level 6 track FUSION -- on it's own this time, no double recording! Brain EV is enough of a brain kick. I was a bit restless as I sat down, and it took me a little longer to settle, but settle I did. I think I was planning to try some image streaming while listening to FUSION, but in the end didn't want to interrupt the tranquility that overcame me...

Day 176: "A short period of disappearance...." (1st May 2009)

Just got home from taking my son to Karate. I meditated in the car with the Brain Evolution System. Here's what I experienced. Being tired, I willingly gave up to the lush mix of sounds in the FUSION track. I rapidly relaxed, feeling an inner "descension" process rather like being on an elevator and going down several floors. With each "floor", there was an increasing sense of disassociation with the outer world, and an increase in a mesmeric sort of trance in which one becomes diffused and spacious in one's consciousness.

This proceeded to a level where one kind of "vaporizes"! In that short period of disappearance, when one enters the black hole of Delta consciousness, it's pure rest. Then you start lifting out of that into Theta and dream-like consciousness where imagery is prevalent. And then back into Alpha levels where you just feel relaxed and calm. That's what I went through anyway. Overall, being rather sleep-deprived (again!) and having been "on the road" all day, chasing my tail here there and evereywhere, it felt really, REALLY good...

Day 177: "Bridge from Wakefulness..." (2nd May 2009)

Brain Ev System - Bridging your consciousnessDidn't get around to listening to FUSION until I got into bed at night, just after midnight. I don't know about you, but I find that if I go past midnight I start to feel awake again. Think it's something to do with biorythms or something like that.

Anyway, this sixth level Brain Evolution System track is so calming that it's a great way to bridge from wakefulness to sleepiness. I just tell myself I'm going to go to sleep afterwards, and I fall asleep easy once I've removed my big soft headphones. Had some great dreams as well!!

Day 178: "Ferociously present!" (3rd May 2009)

Hi! After a lazy Sunday morning start (my son is on a sleepover at a friend's house -- so it's super quiet!) I did my meditation right after having a bath. I have to say it was one of the best meditations I've had in ages. I resolved not to move from my cross-legged position, even as my feet went numb as the circulation got cut off! Sometimes you've got to just nail yourself to the floor and get on with it!

Using a Dr Kilstein finger healing mudra, and staring up at the third eye, I let the 6th level Brain EV track act as background to my meditation. Such was my level of focus, that I felt very strong, almost warrior-like in my determination. I have also been focusing on some old Stuart Wilde affirmations that I used to use, back in the day when I was a young man seemingly with the world at my feet. Got a taste of that old empowered consciousness back, and it was just what I needed to jolt me out of the dispondency that had gripped me at times during the last week.

I've had a great day and felt in tune with things, empowered and ferociously present--- and that feels great! So, Brain EV did it's job again!

Day 179: "Who's that caressing me?!" (4th May 2009)

Midday meditation with Level 6 FUSION was a welcome relief after several hours working on the computer. Felt a bit drained and frazzled by it all before I put the Brain EV track on. Soon melted into the sonic ambience though. Like warm water trickling over tired muscles and easing the aches away, the sonic "brain massage" had a similar affect, and I soon felt all tension seeping away.

It was wonderful, and I sat there with a big smile on my face as the relaxation waves floated over me like gentle caresses. I think I became invisible towards the end of the track -- certainly to myself, as I 'came to' with very little of the audio to go, and felt like the sense of ego-self had completely disappeared and merged with the sounds playing through my earphones!

Afterwards I felt so much better, and recharged, ready to go again, and that has lasted all afternoon and into the early evening.

Day 180: "Equipoised!" (5th May 2009)

"Here I am sitting in my car. It's breezy, there are giant clouds leaving on one side of the sky, and blue sky appearing on the other. The sun is shining in and feels oh so warm and wonderful. I've just completed my Brain EV 6 session, and I'm feeling still, relaxed, and poised.

Evaluating my mental focus, I feel tuned and ready to perform. Equipoised is the word that springs to mind. Sanguine, reflective, and peaceful follow it.

It's as though all the splintered forces of my mind have been marshalled and brought back together. It's kind of like one of those TV adverts where they show the disparate parts of a high performance engine come flying together to slot together and perform in perfect unison..." 

Thank YOU for following my experiments with this 6th Level of the BrainEV system. You've reached the end. Now it's all about YOU. Click the banner below to get started with your own experiments with the leading edge of brainwave entrainment technology... 

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