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Brain Evolution System Review: Brain EV Level Five...

The Brain Evolution System Review of Level 5 - Neptune's Cave

Brain Evolution System 5 - Neptune's Cave - WELCOME!Hey, how are you? Welcome to this the fifth level of the Brain Evolution System and my ongoing review of this new series of brainwave entrainment audios. My name's Richard Regal and for the last four months I've been putting Brain EV to the test and reporting back to readers like you here on this website. I hope you'll join me for a little while and share a bit of the journey with me. Who knows? Maybe it will be something you want to try for yourself?

I strongly recommend that you start with my reviews of BrainEV Level One - BrainEv Level Two - BrainEV Level Three - BrainEV Level Four - and Brain EV Level Five below - before investing in the Brain Evolution System. I want you to be 100% certain that this system of brain entrainment is really for you and you'll get a good feeling whether it is by following my own experiences with it.

Okay, let's get started, shall we, with the mysteriously labelled, Neptune's Cave...


Day 121: "Dark side of the moon??" (27th February 2009)

I guess this is the first proper day with the Brain Evolution System's Level 5 track: Neptune's Cave. I had a couple of whacked out days chasing back and forth across the country sorting out a new property that I've just taken possession of for an oversea's purchaser. Within a week of collecting the keys from the Real Estate agent, there was an attempted break-in front and back of the property so I had to go deal with the police and getting it all secured again. Anyhow, quite a stressful time, and I only got to listen to BrainEv as I was collapsing into bed at night. Today however ... ta-da-dah! ... the dad-taxi was running again, and I parked up outside the sports centre while my son went inside and did his karate lesson, and I listened to the track properly.

I was very tired from travelling, and had to consciously tell myself to relax my eyes, and shoulders and arms etc... it felt really good to be doing BrainEv meditation again. The audio track for Neptune's Cave I'm not so keen on. I really like the Crystal Rain one (Level 4)... but this one seems to be back to a flowing stream sort of sound. The only good thing is that it's a rapid ride down into the deeper Delta brainwave levels. That is usually only achieved in deep sleep or very deep meditation. I'm going to claim the latter and pretend that I was meditating the whole time. I must have gone to the dark side of the Moon though because the next thing I knew my son was back in the car, an hour had passed, and I got the shock of my life seeing him sitting there! Oh well, I think I was really drained and needed to ... ahem... disappear out of this reality for a while (I think that's a sneaky way of saying I had a collosally deep NAP!).

Day 122: " Breakthrough realizations" (28th February 2009)

My naughty wife stayed up late working again. She had been up till 5AM the night before, and last night stayed up to 3AM. Now, I sleep like a dog... ie. with one ear cocked for unusual noises. So I woke up when she started coming to bed, and then couldn't get back to sleep. About 5AM I gave up, and put the Brain EV Neptune's Cave track on, and that was really good.

The Brain Evolution System!Going into the delta brainwave states feels like a substitute for deep sleep anyway. I think I once read that human growth hormone is released when you go into deep delta sleep. Even though I didn't go back to sleep I had a series of realisations and mental breakthroughs regarding my primary relationships and realised that I have not been truly intimate with people. For intimacy to exist there has to be total honesty. You have to be able to look at yourself, primarily, with absolutely honest and non-judgemental eyes and just observe yourself as you are. And you need to be able to admit to and express the worst of yourself as well as your better parts. Projecting what you think people want to see, while on some levels a kindness, is ultimately denying them the experience of the real you.

The true energetic self is indescribable, it has no definable qualities... it is nothing and everything. Because it is is clear and empty it is pure and perfect as it is. The self we normally think about as 'me' is a memory-created reference point. Because it is created out of memories, we judge it and compare it with images of perfection, and try and change it and make it perfect and acceptable to others. The social dyanamic of the human animal is that we must have acceptance for survival and procreation rights. This biologocal imperative operates in us. Anything that seems to threaten our ability to be acceptable, like our self judgement of not being good enough or worthy enough is something we fear and we end up trying to judge those aspects of our personalities and bodies that we deem unacceptable.

Take aging for example. We fight against it and try to pretend that it is not happening. As a man I feel at some level threatened by my thinning hair, quirky body, or fading eyesight. I don't want to admit those things are gradually happening to me. I don't want to face the thought that I am losing my power or virility as a man. But the facts are there. If I face it openly and honestly, I can express and talk about my fears and get that 'out' of me, so to speak, and come to a more balanced, accepting point of view.

Anything that we do not face gets buried and creates layers of barrier between us and the vital juice of life. Unless we honestly face the things we are denying and learn to communicate openly and fairly, we will feel smothered as human beings. To feel fully alive you have to be willing to be vulnerable, to be open, to be honest and clear, so that Life can get in and touch you and move you and make you feel really alive... these are the thoughts that came to me with my second listening to level 5 of the Brain Evolution System. Why not give it a trial yourself -- and unleash the blockages withing and feel the vital life within you again like when you were young?

Day 123: "Stick of dynamite!" (March 1st 2009)

Lay on my bed about 7.30 PM and listened to the Brain Evolution System's Neptune's Cave. When I was younger I used to do a lot of Yoga breathing (pranayama) and there was one particular type of breathing that I really liked the effect of. I would stand before an open window in my room, and do this deep breathing until I would suddenly get a rush of energy and I would 'come to' on the other side of the room -- having passed out and staggered/fallen to the floor! It sounds stupid -- and was -- but it was such a cool experience that I kept doing it, and somehow managed to avoid hitting my head.

The feeling of complete astonishment while 'coming to' while lying on the floor has been repeated these last few days with listening to Track 5 of the Brain EV system. It's like jumping on a small stick of dynamite to protect your friends -- and waking up to find yourself upside down in a bush 20 yards away. This delta-laced brainwave entrainment track just blows my socks off -- and blows my mind out of my brain! -- everytime I use it!


Day 124: "The upturn to counter the downturn!" (March 2nd 2009)

Sat down in formal meditation posture this morning, and listened to the 5th CD in the Brain Evolution System series on my CD walkman! I changed my mind about not liking the sound as much as Crystal Rain... it's actually softer and gentler than I realised. The brain entrainment journey you go on with Neptune's Cave is so smooth and rapid in its descent. It's no-nonsense stuff. Maybe that is down to the prior training of 4 months with the other CDs in the series?

Anyway, I kick-started and accelerated the relaxation process by doing a semi-hypnotic backward and downwards count from 25 to 0, telling myself to relax twice as deep with every count... so that by the time I reached zero I was as relaxed as a melted cheese sandwich!

I let my body straighten up without losing that feeling of hanging onto nothing. And progressed through the descent into deep delta brain frequencies. I love meditation. Metaphysician Stuart Wilde has said, "Regular meditation is your single most important tool for developing a deepening sense of joy."

Meditation combined with good brain entrainment is a dynamite mix. You can shortcut years of practice to experience profound realisations and deep states of consciousness. There is tremendous fear and anxiety in the world at the moment. Economies are apparently teetering like a house of cards in a gale. We're all feeling skittish and uncertain. Anyone who follows the news will be fully dosed up on the worse kind of fear mongering. That's one of the reasons I appreciate the BrainEV tracks -- they take you to a place where all of that is meaningless and temporary.

Today for instance, as I got into the deep delta states, I felt like a pillar of strength, because I stepped outside of Time, outside of projection (worry, fear, anticipation) and stepped into pure Being. It's a wonderful therapy. An oasis to salve and soothe the wounds caused by the facts and fiction of the economic downturn.

Keeping your spirits up is paramount for anyone wanting to survive and thrive regardless of the circumstances. Being able to step aside from the craziness gives you a clearer perspective on things... an ability to think, plan, and strategise ...and the ability to maintain peace of mind when all those about are losing theirs. That gives you a tremendous advantage in these times.

Day 125: "Early To Rise!" (March 3rd 2009)

Went to bed listening to the Neptune's Cave track and woke two hours early the next morning raring to go. After a quick bathroom visit, fired up the computer and achieved in the two hours before anyone else was up what usually takes me twice as long to get done during the day. This relates to my primary bread and butter writing work.

Day 126: "Gliding on thoughts of Infinity" (March 4th 2009)

Sat down in Brain EV meditation mode around 8PM... I felt rather more tuned in and tapped in today than of late... went to check on that property I told you about previously -- and that was alright -- no repeat break-in attempts.

The sun was out today. And I felt the murmurings of intuition -- Spirit -- some kind of guiding force around me during the day.

A part of me was turning within to the Infinite, and that followed into the Brain EV meditation. Allowing yourself to go truly deep into consciousness is as much a matter of getting comfortable and relaxed enough to forget about your body. That's why lying down while listening to the Brain Evolution System is often much easier (and much easier to fall asleep with to!). When you are sitting up, you can allow yourself to get distracted by an ache in your back or knees.

Maybe that is why meditation was carried on for long periods or repeated periods of time in monastic communities -- so that they had sufficient time to get beyond the temporary distractions of the body and enter an expanded state of consciousness in which that fades away?

Then again, maybe the tensions and sensations of the body should be the meditation. If you listen and feel truly, the thought mind falls silent. For me tonight, I glided on thoughts of Infinity, and just allowed that idea and Presence to resonate within me. And sometimes in the spiritual journey, that is all you need. It's so much closer than any of us think...

Day 127: "Oops. My Bad!" (March 5th 2009)

Missed my session today. If you hold your hands up in front of you, palms facing out, you can probably feel the waves of shame emanating from my general direction!! ;-)) Call it a rest day.

Day 128: "Timelessness in the Dad-Taxi!" (March 6th 2009)

Let's hear it for the dad-taxi! Back on the Brain EV road again! Wahoo! So... if you've been diligent enough to read some of my earlier posts, you'll know that I frequently do a meditation with the Brain Evolution System while parked up waiting for my son to finish whatever after-school activity he requires driving to. Today was Karate day. And there I was sat in the car, the evening dusk fading into night, with my headphones on and the iPod volume set half-way.

I found myself immediately 'stilled' by the Neptune's Cave track. The great thing about doing BrainEV on a regular basis is that you do become anchored to the experiences of expanded awareness, and often you find yourself smoothly returning to the state that you established on previous occasions.

I felt resonant with watchfulness. Me... there... observing the process. I focused on feeling the sensation in my closed eyelids. I remembered the actor Billy Connolly talking about a Buddhist meditation technique he had done in which all you did was felt your eyelids closed. When you really do this, the visual thinking and image projection shuts down. It's like you drop out of that mental studio, out of that theatre of your mind, and drop back into the reality of the body and this moment now. You simply focus on the sensation and heaviness of your eyelids. I did this while listening to the Neptune's Cave track and found it really centred me in the present. My session today was very much about ending thought, bringing the timeless into my experience and creating a space for what felt like a transendent experience.

Day 129: "Perky as a rat!" (March 7th 2009)

After a long cross country drive there and back to visit an elderly relative I was feeling pretty jaded by the time I got back. Having secluded myself in a room for some recovery time. I closed my eyes and tried to let the images of the speeding motorway fade from my mind's eye as the stream sounds of Neptune's Cave flowed into my weary brain.

In my exhausted state letting go wasn't difficult and the tension streamed out of me in a series of eyelid-fluttering, thought spasming waterfalls that tumbled me deeper and deeper inside. Somewhere along the line, I forgot about how tired I was and started travelling into the velvety blackness of my inner consciousness -- which felt as smooth and wonderful as diving into a giant fur coat! By the time the session was over I was almost human again and feeling as perky as a rat on a wodge of cheese, which sounds like a contradiction in terms... but give me a break --it's been that kind of day!

Day 130: "Serene on Sunday" (March 8th 2009)

Knowing I had work to catch up on, I had a good overnight sleep and got up early. Did my BrainEV session first thing and was all the better for it. Used the time in the 'silence' to preview my day and see it occuring smoothly and effortlessly. These deep Brain Evolution sessions with brainwave entrainment generated meditation are fabulous opportunities for reprogramming your mind or visualizing things going the way you want them to go. It just sets the right tone for the day. If that sounds a bit barmy, stall your judgements and wait till you've given it a fair crack of the whip. I think you'll find that it will work for you too. Had a rather sublime sense of Peace this Sunday morning which was very welcome...

Day 131: "Beam Me Up Scotty!" (March 9th 2009)

The midday meditation I did earlier was just what I needed. Having stayed up late, got up early, and worked like a Roman slave I was feeling a tad fragile by the time the hands of the clock got together under the number twelve. Settling onto my back on the carpet, I rode the soundwaves of Neptune's Cave and let them carry me where they wilt... deep into Delta. There is something soul-satisfyingly restful about this 'trip' and when I emerged afterwards I felt a hundred times better and more energised than I had before!

Day 132: "Aperception - I FEEL it!" (March 10th 2009)

The evenings are getting lighter. You notice these things when, week after week, you are parked in your car at the same place, same day, same time. Yes, I was on dad-Taxi duty again. Just got back. And I had a great Brain EV session that I want to tell you about. Even now, I can feel it resonating within my Being. It feels wonderful.

So what happened? What did I do that made this so special? Not much on both counts -- and yet it was great. Let me explain. I took my CD player with me, put on the Neptune's Cave CD, and let it start. I had my eyes open for the few minute, and felt myself relaxing straight away. Closing my eyes, for a little while I indulged in a fantasy... that was nice, and distracted my mind while the brain entrainment frequencies brought my mind into the range of the deep delta brainwave. I experienced that as a light feeling of Peace. It was so gentle and wonderful.

I was simultaneously experimenting with that technique I mentioned before of trying to feel my eyelids from within the eyelids. Now that might sound a bit odd, but bear with me. When you experiment you might notice as I have that our haptic (touch) sense is given less attention than our visual sense. Even when we close our eyes we are 'looking' and seeing into the mind. Images are projected onto the mental screen of our minds by the act of constantly looking; it's as though they eyes are always on.

I find that what this does is disconnect you from the reality of your senses and creates a virtual reality, Second Life, reflection of senses. Can I explain that better? Well, let's say that I say "feel your finger." If you have a very active visual intelligence, you will feel your finger and simultaneously create a mental and spatial image of it. This mental image dominates in your senses so that you then attempt to 'feel' from the outside in rather than from the inside out. You'll have to play with this to see if this is the same in your experience.

What I was trying to do was get back in touch with feeling the real feelings rather than the projected feelings. Feeling from the inside is called aperception, and when you do it properly those visual projections cease and you are unified with your body once more. When you start to experiment with this, you will alternate between feeling the feeling and projecting your idea of the feeling. The two are vastly different. The visual projection feels like a bit plume cloud that billows out ahead of you creating this second life impression. When you perceive aperceptively, the plume collapses back inside you and you feel REAL, WHOLE and UNIFIED again.

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Day 133: "Mellow Submarine..." (March 15th 2009)

Sat down this morning and did a proper Yoga-style meditation with Brain EV's Neptune's Cave piping steaming hot brainwave frequencies through my ear drums and deep into my grey matter! Like a nuclear-powered submarine, I was soon diving into the deepest darkest waters of my mind. On a Sunday morning, there isn't a great deal to be stressed about, but I still managed to divest myself of some lurking emotional baggage. Soon I was blissfully sailing on the waves of eternity, happy as Larry, without a care in the world. A welcome return to my Brain Evolution System journey after an unavoidable five day hiatus.

Day 134: "Equilibrium" (March 16th 2009)

Starting to feel like my old self again having survived the norovirus-from-Hell. Got off to another good start this morning. Got up at 5.30AM and did my Brain Evolution session first thing. Was feeling quite peppy actually after a good night's sleep and that translated through into another great meditation. I think that the little break I had has actually helped in some way. I feel like the BrainEV is impacting me on an even deeper level, causing some kind of harmonisation and clarification of priorities. Certainly I feel an urge to restructure my days, get more organized and press on with my goals with a fresh renewed energy. As I was meditating this morning that all become very clear. I was in a state of perfect Peace and equilibrium. From that perspective, all the emotion tied up around my goals and desires dropped right away. The neediness fell away. And all that was left was a feeling of 'this is what I do, this is what I am doing.' It seemed just entirely natural, like a bee flies and gathers nectar and pollen, I just do what I do and achieve whatever I achieve and that's all perfectly fine. No angst. No worries. A very freeing experience to have...

Day 135: "Touching the Void!" (March 17th 2009)

From my notes:

"Just this second completed my level 5 Brain Evolution System session for the day (sitting in the 'Dad-taxi', waiting in a car park). I'm jotting a few thoughts here in my notebook. Today I experienced three separate stages, depths or levels during my Brain Ev session:

1. Relaxing...

2. Relaxed...

3. Ga-Ga, away with the fairies!

If you happened to have been outside watching me through the car windows, you would have seen me:

1. With eyes closed, brow wrinkled and tight...

2. With eyes closed, brow smooth and peaceful...

3. Eyes closed, head hanging on my chest, mouth open, jaw slack, body melted like a piece of cheese on a fondue set!

There's a movie called something like, 'Touching The Void' -- and I feel like I touch the Void every time I listen to Level 5 of Brain EV. It's great!"

Day 136: "On Song..." (March 18th 2009)

Got up very early and after a quick bathroom break, got straight down to my Brain Evolution System session. It was a bright beautful morning, and being up before most of the rest of the world, I was already aware of a sense of stillness in the air. As I listened to the Neptune's Cave track, that stillness deepened, expanded and seemed to saturate through every part of my Being. It was an awesomely powerful way to start the day. Bang on tune with my Higher Self, in harmony with the Universe and feeling like I was at cause in my life. Loved it. A terrific start to the day!

Day 137: "Black out!" (March 19th 2009)

It was midday today before I got a chance to draw breath amd take a break. Put my earphones on while sitting in my office chair, and tried to let all the thoughts and things on my to do list fade away. It took a few minutes but listening to the stream sounds, laced with the delta brainwave entrainment frequencies seems a guaranteed way (for me) to drop out of personal consciousness and enter an expanded non-local consciousness. Sometimes this feels like blacking out (because it's so deep and unusual your conscious brain can't process it or relate to it). Othertimes you feel like you've been lifted up and nailed to the wall of the Universe! It's so incredibly still-ing when it hits you like that. Felt pretty energized to say the least afterwards.

Day 138: "Gone-Gone-Gone!" (March 20th 2009)

Well, I was pretty tired all day today. Late morning I was headachey and felt like I was coming down with something, and was overcome with a feeling of wanting to go back to bed. Unfortunately that wasn't an option and I ploughed on through my work load. In the early evening, I took my son to his karate practice, and enjoyed my BrainEV session in the car. I tilted the seat back, adjusted the volume on my iPod and just gave up to the Neptune's Cave soundscape. Each track, as you probably know, is 30 minutes long. I became aware again about 20 minutes after it finished. It was like entering a black hole and emerging instantly the other side of the Universe, or like going through some cosmic worm hole and time travellling to the other side!!! I felt like I had gone that deep inside. My headache was gone, tiredness was gone, and during the session "" was gone-gone-gone!!!

Day 139: "Blissed like Borat!" (March 21st 2009)

This morning I did my session with Neptune's Cave right after a workout. I do bodyweight exercises, Matt Furey-style, plus 10 sets of 100 metre sprints. Keeps me ticking over in reasonably good shape. Anyway, I was nice and mellow post-workout and felt a deep sense of ease as the audio track encouraged my brain to switch from active beta, and slide on into delta-heavy frequencies. I found I was thinking in a very loving way, and inhabiting a place of great warmth... and found myself naturally directing that out in all directions, unconditionally. I guess in some ways the Brain Ev audio track enhanced the feel-good endorphin effect I had got from the workout. And then just pourred it throughout my consciousness. In the words of Borat... eet was vereee nai-ssss!

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Day 140: "BRAINEV HULKKKKKKKK!!!" (March 22nd 2009)

Brain EV Review -- Do not combine Brain EV with the Incredible HulkFrom the sublime to the ridiculous... I watched the DVD of The Incredible Hulk with my son this evening... and then did my BrainEv session right after! For the first 15 minutes my mind was still processing scenes of huge green muscled monsters and explosions. Fortunately at some point I dropped right out of the thought stream and into a timeless place of no-thought. I hope I haven't programmed myself to turn into a green monster next time my heart beat reaches 170. I'll let you know!



Day 141: "Nothing like hot steamy sex..." (March 23rd 2009)

There's nothing like hot steamy sex first thing in the morning to start your day with a bang! Unfortunately, there was nothing like hot steamy sex for me this morning so I made do with a brain entrainment session instead! :-))

Good old BrainEv, it's not as good as T&A, but it's a close fourth or fifth!

I settled into meditation posture this morning, feeling a bit hang dog, but all that faded away. Neptune's Cave is nothing if not reliable in taking you out of your normal mindstate, and limitations, and jettisoning you out into an expanded, altered mind state, where you are fee of limitations. This is a very energising process, and proved to be a good way to start the day!

Day 142: "Little Green Men?" (March 24th 2009)

Brain EV System Level 5 - Neptune's Cave - like getting abducted for half an hour by little green men!As I sat in my car this evening, listening to Neptune's Cave, I was pretty confident that I was probably the only person in the world at that moment, listening to a brain entrainment track in their car -- at least, I'm certain I was the only one listening to the Brain Evolution System. Being totally unique in that way should have been a memorable experience, but for me, this evening, it's all a blank. Within minutes of turning the audio on and settling back in my driver's seat, I was gone. As it finished, I re-emerged crisply and energetically, fresh as a new penny.

Was I abducted by aliens for half an hour? Who knows with this Neptune's Cave malarkey! All I know is that it takes me places where my conscious mind can't follow!! Lol!

Day 143: "Up he rises!" (March 25th 2009)

Is it Spring? I seem to be up with the larks lately. Ruddy with energy and a disgusting eagerness to face the day! I kicked off my Brain Ev session first thing. Didn't even wait to get a drink of water, just brushed my teeth and sat down and immediately got in the zone. Meditation is a terrific way to start the day. Brain entrainment just makes it a whole lot easier -- especially if you have one of those wayward monkey minds, and who doesn't? Experienced a lovely pervasive sense of tranquility that lasted long into the day, and re-emerged whenever I thought about it. I like these kinds of sessions, they make the small sacrfice in time well worth it, as they seem to 'oil' the workings of the rest of the day.

Day 144: "Watch out, Mom's about!" (March 26th 2009)

Didn't get around to listening to the Brain EV System until I went to bed. My mom was briefly in town having flown in from her home in Europe so there was lots of catching up to do. She makes me laugh like no other, and while we were having a lunch meeting at a cafe, something set us both off and we got a fit of the giggles so bad that we both had tears streaming down our faces. It was kind of embarrassing but a good emotional release! Anyway, Brain EV blurred with sleepy-time so apart from some long and fun dreams that I wrote down next morning, I can't say much about it...

Day 145: "Stunned mullet awakes!" (March 27th 2009)

"Just finishes my daily abduction of normal consciousness with Brain EV's Neptune's Cave. Sitting in the dad-taxi, I 'came to' about 20 minutes after the audio track had finished with me. It's not like waking up from sleep, it's more like waking up from being anaethetised, feeling like some kind of stunned mullet! I feel rested though at the deepest levels of my Being..."

Deep delta brainwave entrainment frequencies of Brain EV 5 may leave you feeling like a stunned mullet!

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Day 146: "Cool blackness" (March 28th 2009)

"Brain Evolution System session report: Teetering on a high wire over the black and surging waters of deep sleep, at a depth of relaxation where all one's troubles are dropped and forgotten. There one finds a kind of Peace, like the peace of a cool blacked-out room after you've been out squinting in bright hot sunlight all day."

Day 147: "Missed out" (March 29th 2009)

What AM I like! Missed my session today. What an ass! And I mean that on so many levels...

Day 148: "Prince of Light" (March 30th 2009)

Had a playful BrainEV session today, in which I listened to Neptune's Cave while doing a guided visualization exercise too. It worked out pretty great. I was basically visualizing being at my absolute best in this palace of Light, experiencing whatever and whoever I wanted to experience. It was kind of an excuse to play with ideas, desires, aspirations, and concepts of high energy and it just blended really nicely with the whole mystique and energy of the brain entrainment program -- and I have noticed a resonant, energetic after-taste of pleasure and fulfilment throughout the rest of the day....

Day 149: "Hitting the Rest Button!" (March 31st 2009)

"Tired, worn-out, sore-eyed... That's how I approached my Brain EV session today, aware that I would soon 'drop off the face of the world'. I was loooking forward to doing Neptune's Cave with a kind of desperate need for deep rest. At first, as I listened to the stream sounds laced with deepening brainwave entrainment frequencies, I thought nothing was going to happen. So I focussed on progressively relaxing my body, from head to toe.

Then, the next thing I knew, I 'jolted' -- where your body drops so much tension at one go that you 'jolt' back to full awareness. I got comfortable and let go again. Soon fell deep into the DELTA of Healing Refreshment! You might call it 'a nap', but I would have to go fo 'super-nap' as it is so total in its annihilation of thought. Touching into Delta is like hitting the reset button: everything fades to black and then resets.

Feel MUCH stronger, wiser and better afterwards. Good dose of Brain EV 'medicine'!!"

Day 150: "And so it goes" (April 1st 2009)

Brain EV 5: Neptune's Cave is a knockout!Another long day, and my final session with the Brain Evolution System's Level 5 entrainment track: Neptune's Cave! After 30 days, I'm very comfortable with it. For me it has been like a George Foreman punch that has knocked me out of normal reality every time I've used it. To be honest, I'm not sure how many times I was asleep and how often I was in the deepest of trance states. At delta brainwave levels it is hard to tell. All I can say is that whatever happens during the deepest parts of the brainwave entrainment process, it is very restful, you can almost feel it at the cellular level, it's as though it penetrates right deep inside you and just flattens out and pushes out all the stress.

But it's time to move on, and if you are still undecided on whether to give the Brain Evolution System the opportunity to go to work on you, then stick around and follow me in a couple of days when I start the last and final level. Thank you for reading thus far.

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