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Brain Evolution System Review: BrainEV Level Three Review...

My Brain Ev Review of the Level Three CD called 'Infinity'

Brain EV Review - Level Three - INFINITYHello, this is Richard Regal and I'd like to thank you for joining me for this my third month of experimentation with the new brainwave entrainment system called THE BRAIN EVOLUTION SYSTEM. The idea behind this 6-level system is that you listen to a level for 30 days and then progress to the next level of brain training. So far, I have completed Level 1: Transcendence and Level 2: Lucid Echoes. This month I will be listening to Level 3: Infinity. You can follow me and get my in-the-neural-trenches review of what you can expect if you choose to invest in the BrainEV system.


Day 61: "As Relaxed As Custard" (Christmas Day 2008)
BrainEv Review: Level 3: Infinity. I was already feeling very relaxed when I sat for my first session with Level Three of BrainEV. Having napped for a couple of hours, I felt rested. I had a spacious living room all to myself, and sat behind a couch near the radiator where I wouldn't be disturbed. The first sounds of 'Infinity' came on -- a warm oceanic sound -- and I immediately knew I would like it and get on with it more than the village stream, church bells, and bird song of Level Two Lucid Echoes. My mind initially seemed to become more active. I thought this was unusual and made a deliberate effort not to let the eye tension that crept in with the additional thought activity build up and cause me to lose that earlier relaxation.
About 20 minutes in, I noticed I was becoming more deeply relaxed, and still, again. There was a feeling of swimming amongst luxuriously soft fur... or maybe through warm silky seaweeds, deep under the sea. My sense of position shifted and swayed with the ocean currents and I felt a sense of the deep expansive sea. Eventually I felt like I was coming loose from the moorings of my usual limited self -- and got a semblance of a vision I once had.
Brain Ev Review Level 3 -- Relaxed As Custard!Let me tell you about it. It was fleeting but it revealed so much to me. I had a vision (or sense) of the Infinite undefined consciousness floating and alighting into an incarnation with all the lightness and whim of a dandelion seed blown on the wind... and then it lifted off equally lightly at its life end, to float off on the Infinite, equally free. It was beautiful, simple and freeing.
Back to the Brain Evolution System.... Strangely, I had the feeling that the experience was deepest at the end of this BrainEv session -- usually in previous levels, it seemed like the brain entrainment frequencies brought you 'back up' in the last few minutes. Not so this time. Today I was smooth and relaxed as custard by the end!
Day 62:  "Rocked by the Angels" (26th December 2008) 
Stayed up late watching soccer highlights and then watched some poker (Scotty Nguyen is so funny with his 'baby' this and 'baby' that). Crawled into bed about 1AM and slipped on headphones and let the oceanic sounds of BrainEV's 'Infinity' program wash over me. I knew it would be a great way to get to sleep as the brainwave entrainment takes you really deep. Sure enough I slept like a baby (lol!) rocked by the angels and awoke on the 27th feeling as bright and peppy as a daisy on the first day of Spring! Which is pretty good given it's midwinter here! 
Day 63:  "Hmm. Mind Drift." (27th December 2008) 
Just finished today's Brain Evolution System session of brain entrainment. For the first 20 minutes, I seemed to be processing stuff that has happened in the past 48 hours. For instance, yesterday, I was playing against my son on his Nintendo Wii game, Mario Kart -- and images of that kept coming up. And today, I went to the cinema to watch the new Baz Lurhman movie, Australia. It was terrific, and I kept on getting scenes from that flashing up in my mind. This is not really very relaxing... especially as I am aware that it's supposed to be a meditation. But in some of the copy and reviews for the Brain Evolution System it does say you don't have to do anything other than listen to the brainwave entrainment cd. So... I just let my mind drift and do what it wanted to do. As on my first day with this level 3 Infinity CD, I found that in the last 10 minutes deep mental relaxation crept over me and my mind stilled again. It wasn't the best session I've had so far. But I was a bit cold, I was sitting up on the bed, and then lay back, and then sat up again. So I don't think I was in the ideal mindstate for it from the get go. But then, it's good to be testing the program under all these different times of day and different states of mind that you experience from day to day. 
Day 64:  "Primed for the day!" (28th December 2008)
BrainEV to start the day!Woke up half an hour early and slipped on my headphones, and put 'Infinity' on. Obviously I was already relaxed from sleep so, as previously, I noticed an increase in mental activity during the first half of the BrainEV session. This panned out into a deep resonant state of relaxed awareness.
It felt so-oooooo good! It was the perfect way to start the day as I felt like all the disparate parts of myself were pulled together into a harmonious whole. By the conclusion of the session, the brainwave entrainment had done it's job, and I felt totally primed for the day. I was in the zone, feeling good, and ready to rock and roll!
Day 65:  "Euphoric Prosperity Fantasy" (29th December 2008)
Today, a mid-afternoon session with the Brain Evolution System, saw me cross-legged, straight-backed against the wall of my office and plunging into a euphoric prosperity fantasy. Mountains of cash were pourring out of my computer and, Midas-like, I was living in a world of brilliant shining gold! At the very least, I can confirm that the BrainEv system is great for your visualization skills! (I'll be sure to report at a later date if I suddenly get the gift of alchemy in my fingertips!)
There is something wonderful about deep, deep meditation. At one point, I had an experience of being in deep space, and felt like I had ageless strength and presence, like some great planet orbiting silently through the Universe. I think it's that sense of vastness and timelessness that comes upon you as you become quieter and stiller inside. The stillness enables you to perceive 'beyond the beyond' -- and there is an Infinite Presence there which makes a mockery of all our petty, little day-to-day human concerns. It's a great place to visit to retain your sanity and to have a clearer perspective on the world. This is and will become an increasingly valuable asset to have in the coming years... 
Day 66:   "Infinite, Immortal, Universal and Eternal" (30th December 2008)
Half-past nine-ish in the evening and I took myself off for my BrainEv session. Level 3 'Inifinity' is shaping up nicely. I am enjoying it a lot more than I did Level 2. I don't know why, it just flows better and doesn't jar as much with me. I propped myself up against the bedroom wall with a pillow and got down to it. Today, I chose to use some of Dr Kilstein's finger healing mudras to assist my meditation. I wanted to go deep and get good clarity and a connection 'with the Universe'. I also found myself repeating some power words like Infinite, Immortal, Universal and Eternal to get a sense of that which lies beyond and outside the narrow confines of everyday reality. The combination proved very effective. I was nailed to the floor!
That's what you want in a meditation. You need to get rid of the 'fight', the resistance, the ants in your pants feeling of the mind fighting against being made to be quiet, focused and still. Whatever aids you can use to assist in that process are very valuable. Of course, if you are new to meditation, you don't need to worry too much. Just let the brainwave entrainment frequencies do the work for you. That's enough of a trip.
It just depends upon the level of contrast. If your mind has been racing a thousand miles an hour for most of your lifetime, then when it changes and experiences new states of consciousness with BrainEV, the contrast will be greater than for someone like me who has done a lot of meditation, explored a lot of things to do with consciousness etc. Anyhoo, I feel fandiddlyocious fantastic now and give the old Brain Evolution System a double thumbs-up for a great ride round the consciousness cosmos!!!
Day 67:   "Rested, Restored... and Enlightened ?"  (31st December 2008)
So, ending the year, I took myself off to bed around 6PM on what is a very cold day. Got under the blanket and lay down with my headphones on. BrainEV Level 3 took me off into a deeply relaxed and still place. It was just what I needed. Time stood still. And it ended 30 minutes later with me feeling much rested and restored, and curious to check out the Brain Evolution System support video that goes with the 3rd Level disk ( here).
According to Michael Kelly, the role of disk 3 'Infinity', is to continue the process of preparing your brain for the more complex and dynamic entrainment structures layered into the remaining 3 levels. As with Level 2, it challenges the brain to operate at multiple (and potentially conflicting) frequencies.
Brain entrainment map showing 3P.D.E.A.P. for BrainEV Level 3 InfinityThe 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process (otherwise known as 3P D.E.A.P.) has 3 layers of entrainment frequencies. On this Level 3, the Prime and Major Tiers of frequencies step down through alpha, into theta and delta, while the Minor Tier goes up into a high beta frequency. This challenges your brain/mind apparently to maintain a state of focused calm even when higher frequency entrainment stimuli is present. I guess that I have been getting sidelined by this at the start of the sessions.
Remember me saying how I found my mind was getting more active at the start of some of my sessions (not today though)? It was probably following the beta frequency. Fortunately I seem to like and follow the deeper frequencies and that is why I go deep each time, especially towards the last third of the disk.
Kelly says that this frequency contrast ends up limbering and stretching the brain-mind. He also said that you could experience releasing of emotional blocks during your practice with this level. And that you may get intense dreaming accompanying BrainEV level 3. I certainly have found my dreams both memorable and interseting the last few days!
Hey, look it's the New Year tomorrow... why not give the Brain Evolution System free trial a go for yourself so we can compare notes?
Day 68:   "New Year New Brain Blessings!"  (1st January 2009)
Happy BrainEV New Year !Happy New Year, BrainEV Review friends and readers! May I take the opportunity to wish YOU (wherever you are and whenever you are reading this) an abundance of joyous blessings that grow exponentially forever! Oh and a very healthy brain that delivers peak performance! :-))
So, it's just about to turn 8PM where I am, and I've just emerged from my bedroom having done another lying down session with the third level of the world's greatest brain entrainment system ... so they say!! ;-)) Well, we're putting that to the test, aren't we? And so far I have to say I am pretty pleased and impressed with the results I've had. I mean if it 'sucked' I wouldn't still be here 68 days later, dutifully turning up everyday to listen to my daily session and report back about it to you, dear reader!
I have to say that watching the support video for Level 3 (as reported yesterday) was a jolly good idea. For today's session, I knew to expect that the so-called Minor Tier of entrainment frequencies would be testing me, trying to pull me off course and into the busier, 'distracted' mind states of high beta. What did I do to counteract this? I simply listened/felt/sensed for the deeper currents as it were, feeling for the more relaxed aspects of my being. That sounds a bit high falutin'. What I really mean is that I tried to be the centre of the cyclone. The still point in the midst of all that movement.
I once read a story about a man who had been at a hotel restaurant in Japan when an earthquake struck. Seated at his table with a number of other guests was a Zen Buddhist Master. Everyone else screamed and panicked, and went running for the door. The Zen Master simply went on calmy eating his meal as if nothing untoward was happening. Isn't that fantastic? You can just picture him there, peacefully spooning his soup, while chunks of plaster fall from the ceiling as the whole building shook!
I love that image. It's a great thought to take with you through the chaos and madness of a busy daily life. And that's what I was reaching for in my BrainEv meditation with Level 3's 'Infinity' disk today. To be in a place of perfect peace. And you know what? I think I did pretty good. I'm not saying that I'm Zen Master good... I think if I was in that restaurant I still would have flinched and maybe stopped eating my breadroll if an earthquake struck. But maybe I could have calmly left the building without screaming 'like a big girl's blouse'!
C'mon now, it's a New Year, give BrainEV a try for yourself, you could do with a bit of Zen Master stoicism to create a brilliant 2009! ;-)
Day 69:   "Oops, a little too relaxed!"  (2nd January 2009)
Oops, I had just popped to my room to do a quick BrainEv session before 10PM, and over shot the 'landing' by about 20 minutes. I wasn't exactly asleep but I was so relaxed that I didn't know whether I was Arthur or Martha (hey, I'm neither!). Can't say much else apart from that, my vision seems much improved from being all relaxed like that! And I feel really good! 
Day 70:   "Floating in Infinite Stillness"  (3rd January 2009)
Big day given over to much house tidying and blowing of balloons for family birthday dinner for my son this evening. It's not his birthday proper until the 5th, but this being the weekend it was a better fit. All the clan arrived and there was much partying. I turned in about midnight, and went to bed with BrainEV playing low in my ears. Had the experience of floating in Infinite space and there were other 'bodies' of various shapes and qualities floating in fairly symetrical patterns throughout the level of the Universe that I was in. I felt very still and clear. Slept like a log, and woke like a dog - awake, alert, and ready for a pee! Too much information? :-)
Day 71:  "Rudely Recharged and Energized!"  (4th January 2008)
Got up early and took my soon to be 11-year-old son and his friends to the movies to see "Bedtime Stories" starring Adam Sandler. By late afternoon, after we'd got back, had lunch and I'd done some work on some columns I have to write, I felt almost sick with tiredness. Think I was a bit dehydrated as well. Anyway, took myself off to bed for a Sunday afternoon session on Level 3 of BrainEV. Continuining on yesterday's theme of 'ewww too much information' and with apologies, I was soon involved in a vivid sexual fantasy!
Aye Karumba watch out for the From Here To Eternity sexual fantasies that come with BrainEv level 3 It started out by remembering and reliving all the best sexual encounters my wife and I have shared together over the last 14 years. Everything was so clear and real. It evolved into a full on "From Here To Eternity" fantasy romp on a deserted beach with the waves crashing up the beach around us! Most unexpected but a great way to feel recharged and energized following mid-afternoon slump! I can recommend it!! ;-)
Anyway, that lasted for what was probably about 18 minutes (but being a man I've probably overestimated that right, ladies?) and then being 'right in there' (so to speak) I suddenly felt like I was fully absorbed and, the next thing I knew, it felt as though I was suspended upside down. What was that all about? It was as though I regressed to being in the womb, and felt again what it was like to be a baby, floating upside down, about to be born. This in turn gave way to just a deep awareness and appreciation of the stillness and vastness of consciousness. When the 'Infinity' disk ran out (isn't that a misnomer?!) I felt as peppy, happy and alert as could be. A great session. On multiple levels!! :-))
Day 72:  "State of appreciation"  (5th January 2009)
Got an early morning BrainEv meditation session in. Easily went into a deep space, and then started thinking about how lucky I am to be taking this journey. Sat there in a growing state of appreciation, thinking of all the things I have to be grateful for. From simple things like being alive, having hands, feet, and all the other accoutrements of a reasonably healthy body, to the good fortune of loved ones, family and friends. Like a gentle boat ride on a current of sweetness and joy.
Day 73:   No session today  (6th January 2009)
With the Brain Evolution System, the recommended listening guide is 6 days on and 1 day off. I haven't missed a session for about 3 weeks... until today!
Day 74:   "Waves of Relaxation..."  (7th January 2009)
The Brain Evolution System or BrainEV for shortGood evening, I've just had a lying down session of BrainEV Level 3 "Infinity". It's fr-fr-fr-freezing here! I lay on my bed with the electric blanket on underneath me, all nice and snug, and followed the ocean wave brain entrainment sounds beyond the beyond.
Earlier today, I went for lunch with my mother who was in the country on a rare visit. Told her all about Brain EV and she's curious to try it for herself. I suspect she will order it soon as gets home as she is keen on keeping her brain in tip-top shape as she gets older.
As tonight's session began, I found myself thinking about my younger brother. He's over half my age and just entering into adulthood and finding his place in the world. Think he's going through some soul searching right now and my thoughts were with him.
The strange thing about this brainwave entrainment system as I've noted before with other levels, is that subjectively it is as though the periphery of one's consciousness goes into the deeper levels of stillness first. You become aware that the outer 'parts' are quieter and still. The central focal point of one's attention, almost like a central disk in one's thinking mind is the last to be affected. You go on thinking until the wave of relaxation just gently washes over you and carries you off as it were...
Have you ever been in the sea, playing in the waves? Sometime you jump with the waves and glide in towards the shore. The end of the session was a bit like that. Me, gliding in on a wave of deep relaxation towards the conclusion of the audio disk. Carried so softly towards the end that I only noticed that it had stopped a minute or three afterwards! Wonderful stuff!
Day 75:   "Trip Down Lovers Memory Lane!"  (8th January 2009)
Brain Evolution System Level 3 inspired trip down lovers memory lane!
Wow, that was 'interesting'! My evening session on BrainEv's 'Infinity' brainwave track was like a journey along my personal timeline visiting all the loves of my life. I'm guessing that this was tapping into the releasing of emotional blocks that they talk about on the Brain Evolution System support videos for this third level. I didn't really experience it this way. I just found myself drifting from person to person breathing in their love for me and breathing out my love to and for them.
It was lovely. And I really got the sense of how short our lives really are. The emotions live on and they feel as immediate and real as they were when they were felt in that day's reality. I think that is why it is a good idea to make peace with all the people who have formed the landscape of your lifetime. Or at least to dedicate some time to that process. Otherwise the emotional disturbance lives on as a lack of resolution and closure in you, in your emotional 'body'.
This trip session of mine was at once loving, erotic, incredibly vivid and peaceful... there is a feeling of rightness in generating and reexperiencing that timeless love for all those who have touched my heart. At some deep, deep level there is a sense that every person you fall in love with is a different facet of one universal Being...
I have to say that this uniting of all those I have loved -- and the re-experiencing of intimacies with them -- is on one level like having a virtual reality harem as they all seem to exist in the same space. That's pretty fantastic from a male sexual being perspective. On a deeper level though it is like a vast expansion and replication of consciousness, in the sense of living in multiple universes in which those relationships persist...
A very provocative experience! Want one? Get a free trial to the Brain Evolution System yourself -- who knows where it will lead you!! 
Day 76:   "Billowing cloud of Peace"  (9th January 2009)
Back to the routines this week, and tonight I did my Brain Ev session sat in the car waiting for my karate kid to finish his training at the sports centre. It was about minus 8 degrees Farenheit, but I was wrapped up warm and just sank down in the nice deep space that I got into yesterday. I'm telling you the car is great place for brainwave entrainment! ( Obviously not when you are driving, people!) But if you are parked up, and have your headphones on, the car is like a little sanctuary of quiet. You are sat upright in reasonable comfort and you can just give up to the experience that the Brain Evolution System is designed to give you. I quickly felt like I was in a upwardly billowing cloud of Peace, that enveloped me in a sacred kind of Quietitude... I was free to think, or not... and the growing conscious of "Infinity" was a sublime, tangible pleasure to disappear into. Very nice! 
Day 77:   "Sleep of the Dead!"  (10th January 2009)
I went to bed with Brain Ev today. It's not the recommended way to use it, but I figure if you're pushed for time, as I was, it's a great last minute opportunity to squeeze a session in. Unfortunately, I can't give you much feedback on it other than to say, that I went deep. Turned my iPod off and took my headphones off when it ended and fell into the sleep of the dead! I'm telling you, you could have stuck me in a tree, taken a chainsaw and chopped the tree down, and I still wouldn't have woken up! So eventually I did wake up on Sunday morning feeling bright and dandy, and just a tincy bit randy... but that's a story for a whole different audience! ;-)
Day 78:   "Tension gone, Vision improved!"  (11th January 2009)
Phewie, I'm looking around and marvelling at how clear my eyesight is after the Brain Evolution System session I've just completed. I got so relaxed that apparently all the tension around my eyes disappeared and my vision has improved as a result. (Let's hope that's true metaphorically as well as physically!) That is amazing. Have you ever put on your gran's eye glasses and looked at the world through her seven times magnified lenses? It's like that!! :-)
I remember starting the session in a reflective spirit, using some Dr Kilstein-inspired hand mudras, and letting my body sag onto the bed. But what happened next, I don't know. The next thing I know I was sitting up and the audio was over. Blammo! That's what I call "falling off the face of the Earth!"
Day 79:  "Primed and Full of Intent..." (12th January 2009)
Hello. I did a morning session with Brain EV 3 today. It's been a few days since my last proper sit-down meditation session (meaning, I've been lying down on a bed for the recent sessions) on "Infinity" and I wanted to start the week on a good footing. I did a 100-to-0 slow count down in my mind to help get deep inside. You should try it. It's a good meditation aid on it's own.
Sometimes when I've been doing the Barin Evolution System, I've had a slight feeling of 'limitation' in the sense of the brain entrainment track preventing me from going to the deeper level of meditation that I want to reach. On one hand, this may just be the distraction of sounds, but on the other it's all part of the BrainEv process of training your brain to accomodate the deeper brainwave frequencies that I suspect are coming up in Level 4 and 5. We'll see.
After this morning's session, I do feel relaxed, but also primed and full of intent. Towards the end, I had the experience of being aware of the stillness of my body and the activity of my mind in comparison, and this helped "pin" me to the stillness.
Day 80:   "Increase in Awareness..." (13th January 2009)
The Dad-taxi was operating again today, this time for swimming classes. So I did my BrainEv session in the car once again. It was okay... Not the greatest session I've had. I was rested and still for the most part, and reflected on how my personal perspective is the only one I ever experience in life and that I should give it more credence and weight. This worked its way out as an increase in awareness of what I was perceiving.
It's very easy to get caught up in the false, virtual reality world of your thoughts instead of really being with the real life that you are experiencing moment to moment. Edward de Bono remarked in an interview, "...perception is real even if it's not reality." And that's exactly how we treat our little cyclone of habitual thoughts. But reality is there, waiting, it's the real life that matters most to us when we reflect back on our lives and memories. So we may as well get the most "juice" from every moment of it. That requires a letting go of the unimportant, and an increase in the energy we bring to paying attention in every moment...
Day 81:   "The Mind Cathedral"  (14th January 2009)
My evening brain entrainment meditation saw me initially drifting off into a thought bubble in which I was playing poker against Phil Hellmuth! I was getting bawled out by him when I won against him with a poor hand (in Phil's opinion). Such is my highly spiritual meditation!
I pushed this out of my mind when I caught myself in the midst of it. Suddenly, it was like I had stepped through the front door of a cathedral, and there was a vast space in front and above me. Literally, I felt or perceived this huge inner mind space that I was in. It was brief and startling. The session played out with me focusing in on my stillness.
Day 82:   "Gaps in the Thought Stream"  (15th January 2009)
Very still today. Immediate "inner" clarity. I emphasized this using a strong "thought silencer" technique. All you do is listen intently (in this case to the Brain Evolution System track sounds -- on Level 3 'Infinity' it's ocean waves) AND simultaneously feel intently the sensations in some part of your body, and it silences all thought.
My experience of this is it creates "gaps" in your thought stream that enable you to perceive the stillness and Presence of your True Being. It is like tearing the fabric of your normal reality so that you can peer through into the greater reality that underlies it all. As such, this morning's Brain EV session was a great success and very enjoyable, even though I had begun it with the thoughts, "Oh no, not this again!"
...It just shows you that persistence pays off!
Day 83:     "Insights into dissatisfaction"   (16th January 2009) 
This evening's BrainEV 3 session (waiting in the car again!) saw me starting in pensive mood. I've got a mid-life birthday coming up and always tend to get a bit saturnine around these times. I was feeling bored with life, if you must know. Bored with my future prospects (as seen along the current arc). Progress just seemed so slow, with no great momentum to what I do or who I am. Those were my thoughts at the start. I began toying with these thoughts, as the "Inifinity" track began, pulling them apart, turning them over, checking the ingredients label as it were. I moved to reflecting on what I love, what I would like to do, could do, trying to reactivate fantasies as a way of getting clues to unconscious desires, clues to life purpose, gifts, talents. Thinking who I want to be. 
Meanwhile, during all this conscious mulling, I'm going deeper and deeper, my body getting more and more relaxed. At one point I felt like one of those cute fat frogs that can submerge into the warm sticky mud of its pond, and felt a big sludgey peacefulness! I got an impulse telling me that I needed to break out of my self-imposed straight-jacket. To live large, and be big in attitude, action and everything! 
Another insight that came to me was the recognition that I had started feeling this way (bored and dissatisfied) because I had been unconsciously comparing myself with others who are getting great success. A clever psychologist once pointed out that if you are going to compare yourself with anyone, you should always compare yourself with those who are worse off than you, or less developed than you. That way you will always feel "there but for the grace of God" and appreciate your good fortune as it is. Also just generally I was overlooking all that I have to be grateful for. Count your blessings and the world suddenly looks a much brighter, richer place. 
As the Brain Evolution System cd track ended on my iPod, I opened my eyes and gazed across the darkened car park. There was a watchfulness to my Being, it was resonant with Presence, Awareness and I was seeing everything very clearly, in the moment. 
Day 84:   "Nighty-Night!"  (17th January 2009)
Didn't get around to listening to Level 3 Infinity until last thing at night. Testimony to it's adaptability, BrainEV put me out like a light!
Day 85:  "Mood broom!"  (18th January 2009)
Just finished a mid-evening Brain Evolution System session. I lay on the bed and to be honest I was in a bit of a bad mood. Mid-life crisis? Maybe not that bad, but let's just say I was "processing some personal issues" and in a right old stew. I would guesstimate that persisted for about 10 minutes max. The next thing I knew I found myself suddenly remembering, "Hey, wasn't I in a bad mood before?" It had totally gone! I had "forgotten" all about it! It just dropped out of my mind space like it never existed. Now that's what I call a mood broom... operation clean sweep!
Feeling much better now. Much clearer, calmer, I've got a bigger perspective on things again. I didn't fall asleep, but became aware that the track had ended and it was time to get up again.... I've got some writing work to do. Must crack on! Cheerio!
Day 86:   "In the Driving Seat!"  (19th January 2009)
Got a great early start today, and kicked off with a session on Brain EV. Maybe it was the early hour, a carry over from my previous session or just a very auspicious moment but I had an incredibly deep meditation where I felt really zoned and connected on the spiritual level. There is something magic about getting right on the ball at the start of the day. It puts you in the driving seat. Makes you feel like you are the one making things happen rather than the one reacting to everything that happens. Big thumbs up for Brain Evolution today. This brain entrainment system is the bee's knees!
Day 87:   "Inaguration Shivers"  (20th January 2009)
So there I was this afternoon, in the car park, parked waiting for my son to complete his swimming training session. I listened to President Obama's powerful inauguration speech, having watched the start of the ceremony on TV before we came out. And then I went straight into the BrainEv session. The sense of momentousness, and witnessing history, itself entrained a feeling of auspiciousness and hope into my brain. And there was a terrific sense of Presence, the conviction and apperception of something greater than oneself being focused there in the moment as I listened to the Brain Ev track.
Brain Ev helps you to be as present and focused as Obama appeared to be today. His presence is as much about his sense of destiny and obvious commitment to doing something great. Ours, in our more normal daily lives, has to be created through a concerted effort to perform and live at the peak of our abilities. I believe that the Brain Evolution System is a very reliable aid to peak performance.
Day 88:  "Plummeting into Deep States of Mental Poise" (21st January 2009) 
I did (mostly) standing meditation today with Brain EV Level 3 Infinity. Standing meditation, or Zhan Zhuang, may sound easy but it is one of the most demanding physical and mental things you can do. What you do is adopt certain poses, standing "like a tree" in a martial arts "horse stance" with you knees slightly bent, and your arms held out before you as though you were hugging a large tree, back straight, fingers splayed slightly. And then you just breathe and try to stay relaxed. I closed my eyes, and listened to the oceanic sounds of the brain entrainment system, and tried to ignore the growing ache in my arms, shoulders and legs. I couldn't ignore the powerful increase in Chi energy that I felt in my hands though. And with the BrainEv track's help I was plummeting into deep states of mental poise and presence. 
When I turned the light on at the end, I had "cloud vision". That's when you can perceive clouds of energy, the Chi, that has built up from your exercise or meditation. You usually notice it right after you open your eyes after deep meditation or energy work. The longer you have your eyes open, the more your mind starts generating the faster Beta brainwaves and then you can't see it anymore. Want to see auras and Chi power energy? Try Zhan Zhuang and try the Brain Evolution System... 
Day 89:  "Activating the Heart Chakra" (22nd January 2009)
Did a midday session of Brain EV Level 3 today. I was feeling quite tired, as I had got up very early to write some newspaper copy to a deadline. I didn't want to turn my computer off (to make the office quiet) so I went to my bedroom and lay down (...ahh the joys of "working" for yourself!) and listened to the Infinity track on my CD-player for a change. I became very absorbed in the sense of warmth of my hands resting on my chest, and this seemed to translate into an emotional feeling of warmth that just seemed to grow and grow. They do say that if you activate the heart chakra you can feel this overwhelming sense of Love for everything and that's what seemed to happen to me. It was lovely and when I finished the track I was not only in a really upbeat mood, feeling good towards everything in my life, I also had completely "forgotten" that I had been tired, and was raring to go again...
Day 90:  "Rapture, Re-energisation and Arousal..." (23rd January 2009)
Earlier tonight, I was parked outside the leisure centre waiting for my son to complete his karate lesson. As you know I like to fill this time by listening to the Brain Evolution System in the car -- I find it a great place to relax and meditate. And this provides the perfect excuse and time to do so. Today's session was of course, my final day on the Brain Evolution System's Level 3 entrainment track. I've enjoyed listening to "Infinity", as it is called, and have had a multiplicity of experiences listening to it ranging from the profound to the curious. Tonight's experience was a mixture of rapture, re-energisation and arousal of a rather more earthy kind. It began with a deepening sense of relaxation, tension dropping easily away from my head and shoulders, chest, arms, hands and torso..I sank deeply into my seat.
Brain EV -- boosts your visualization skills!And with that there was an attuning of consciousness, a spreading out of my sense of awareness. I got into this and then started to let my mind drift towards two things. One, the fulfilment of my main financial goal; two, the fantasy fulfilment of certain intimate desires that I would like in reality to experience with my wife (don't worry, nothing too perverted, just the opportunity to play on a deserted beach in a completely free way if you get my drift!).
I let the images of one spark a shared celebration that led to the other. The point being that this experience was movie-like in its complete vividness. I don't know if you've done much visualization but it's not uncommon for it to be fuzzy or an incomplete mix of bits of imagery, bits of audio maybe, and then bits of feelings... somehow you make do with the resulting combination. This though was super vivid like I had pressed the play button and it was just THERE! Very enjoyable and exotic experience in a very mundane and unexotic location and situation. That's the magic of brain entrainment with the Brain Evolution System!
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