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The Premier Review of The Brain Evolution System

It's been called "the most powerful self-development technology on earth", but are these brain entrainment CDs really as incredible as everyone makes out? Follow me as I road test the BrainEV system!

The Brain Evolution SystemWhat is the Brain Evolution System? That's what I was wondering when I first heard about them. When I looked into it, I discovered the world of brain entrainment. Now brain entrainment is a way of using sounds to influence the brain to behave in certain specific ways. The best way to think of it is using the analogy of a tuning fork. With a tuning fork you can tune an instrument to make perfect notes. With the BrainEV system, you 'tune' the brain to the best states of mind for creativity, genius, health and well-being, simply by listening to a CD for 30 minutes a day. There are progressive levels of brain training or entraining, so over a 6 month period you can teach your brain to function at the highest levels known to mankind! 
Here's my on-going review of my experiences with The Brain Evolution System. Read along, and if you like what you hear, why not give the free trial a go, and upload your own experiences so we can share the journey?


Daily user account by Richard Regal 
Day 1: 26-10-2008 "The Velvet Mind" 
The Brain Evolution System revealed!Found myself to be incredibly resistant and judgemental to start with. This continued for 10 to 15 minutes. Then I found myself melting into it. At first, I became aware of a small cylinder of inner stillness and emptiness within the centre of my mind/being, with all the activity and noise of thoughts and the audio track at the periphery. Then I felt like a cloak of velvet settled over my mind and sank down through me, until I became very still with a cavernous sense of inner space and serenity. 
Day 2: 27-10-2008 "UFO Inner Space"   
Woke up 40 minutes early and listened to BrainEV track 1 for second day. Drifted around mentally for 10-15 minutes and then noticed that I had completely relaxed physically and mentally. The experience was of my inner spatial awareness having ballooned out like a big partially flattened sphere around me stretching off into the distance. That's the best way I can describe it -- kind of like being in a giant flying saucer cave shape. 
Got up, did my work-out, then was outside doing sprints along the driveway and began getting a flood of ideas for articles and software products. Was really pleased as these just bubbled up and I really liked the concepts. No struggle involved for a change! 
Day 3: 28-10-2008 "Misfire! Very Focused tho'!"   
Made the mistake of trying to repeat yesterday's early morning successful session -- even though I woke up achey and really needed to get up. Didn't really gel with the listening session. That said, looking back on it, I've been really focused at work this morning. 
Day 4: 29-10-2008 "The Dead Dog's Goodbye Bark" 
Didn't listen to The Brain Evolution System CD 1 until the evening. Lay in darkened bedroom and put the headphones on. Had just received some sad news. My parents had to have "Butch", their sweetheart boxer dog, put down today. He'd been taken to the vets with what they thought was a cough, and an X-ray revealed a massive inoperable tumour in his lungs. 
Settled down with the brain entrainment CD playing and my agitation soon subsided. I began to think about "Butch" the dog, and sensed him there before me. Imagined reaching out and stroking him on the ears. Felt a real connection, and instead of sadness felt a strong powerful feeling of Love and gratitude and acceptance. Said a blessing and prayer, and imagined some of the other dogs we've had in our lives that have passed on coming to guide "Butch" into the light. It was comforting and uplifting. After about 15 minutes of listening, all tension in my body just seemed to have dropped away and I felt flattened out and expansive. 
Day 5: 30-10-2008 "Energy Being"   
Brain Evolution System at your fingertips!Listened to the BrainEV CD in the morning, sitting in meditation. I combined listening to it with doing the hand mudra for abundance and prosperity. The phrase 'gratefully receiving' popped into my mind, and I felt like I was resonating as a rich person not as someone trying to become rich. This is a critical difference in the manifestation process. Energetically, I became strongly aware of the energy within me, and noticed that it seems to have no location in space other than 'right here'. In other words, the feeling in my feet is occupying the same space as the feeling of energy in my head or hands. Obviously, consciously, I retain a sense of where my feet, head and hands are. 
With my awareness flicking between being conscious of the non-locational space and my positional body parts, I entered an altered state of consciousness in which my body felt really short like a baby or a dwarf, and yet almost as though it sat on the front of this huge sphere of energy. Very odd. Towards the last minute of the CD, my head began nodding very slightly as energy pulsed and swirled up my spine. Very subtle but impressive sign. 
Day 6: 31-10-2008 "Relaxing Into The Flow"   
Sat in the car in the evening waiting for my son to finish karate. Put the Brain Evolution System CD 1 on and, with ear phones in place, settled back for 25 minutes of bliss. It's a nice way to finish off and let go of the day. We'd been late getting to his class so I was a bit tense from driving fast. Within minutes I melted into it, oblivious to the activity of cars arriving and leaving in the dark leisure centre car park. At first, my mind was kind of busy, thinking and imagining new business flowing my way. As the session progressed, I dropped all that and tried to get 'out of the way' of the sound. Just letting the bubbling, burbling stream flow through the space which was me. After the sound trailed off at the end, I remained in meditation gliding on the after currents of the relaxing state of mind I was in... 
Day 7: 01-11-2008 
Rest day. BrainEV advises you take a day off on day 7. I had wanted to use it anyway but got caught up in following up on idea for new website. Seem to be much more productive this week.
Day 8: 02-11-2008 "Spontaneous Ideas!" 
Good night's sleep. Got up early to catch soccer highlights repeat on TV. Then sat in meditation with track 1 of Brain Evolution System. First, my mind was still marvelling about the bionic throw-ins of UK soccer player Rory Delap. Gradually I returned my attention to the sound track, and it was as though a stone dropped right through the middle of me, and my awareness followed it, going deep down into the centre of my being to a place of stillness and serenity. I got several article ideas come bubbling up in my mind. The odd thing was the stillness and creative mental activity were occurring simultaneously. It occurred to me that I was in the perfect mindstate for contemplation -- mulling over ideas and musing. Love that state! It's so deep! 
Day 9: 03-11-2008 "So relaxed, vision improved!"   
Here's my Brain Evolution System showing the presentation packAfter a late afternoon session of Matt Furey-style exercises followed by 10x100 metre sprints, settled down in my office chair for day 9's session, of Level 1 (called Transendence) of The Brain Evolution System. I've been highly productive today. Not sure if that is down to the brain entrainment CD or to the season. Certainly I am glad to be out of the long rut that I got into in the summer where I just had no real interest in working! 
During the session, I got the same spheroid sense of space within as I plunged into relaxation, this was more of a complete sphere than the flattened UFO shape experienced previously. I noticed a sort of feeling of warm recognition as the audio track started up with the bubbling stream sounds, rather like the feeling you get when you spot an old friend in a crowd of strangers. Yay, someone I know and like! Seems kind of weird to be saying that about an audio track but there you go! I guess, I'm getting to really like and look forward to my session with BrainEV. 
I got up fairly quickly and went into the kitchen to prepare kitchen and noticed that my vision was really clear and improved. That's a sign that I was in deep relaxation and really let go of all tension... 
Day 10: 04-11-2008 "Deeply Centred"   
Was late to bed, and up early this morning, so by midday felt 'knackered'! Sat down with my headphones on and was thinking about how tired I was. After the BrainEV track had been playing for a while, my mind started drifting. 
I found myself musing about Obama as President (don't know results yet)... this seagued somehow into an awareness of my energy field, cone-like around me. I felt like a tree, a tall, stately conifer, with energy streaming to fullness around me. Deeply centering experience... 
Accidentally terminated the session early when my hand slipped off my knee and knocked against the stop button on the CD player beside me! 
Got up and stood with eyes closed, holding my hands in the wealth mudra pose (for further info see finger healing  ). Remained in standing meditation, thinking throughs of gratitude and acceptance, and felt so still and strong and resonant with the presence of the moment. Suddenly remembered that I had been so tired before. Conclusion?  Brain Evolution System definitely increases ENERGY!!!  
Feel really primed and in the zone! Also, super-confident about finances (which is always a good thing... particularly nowadays!!). 
Day 11: 05-11-2008 "Lying down versus sitting up"  
After another 5 hour sleep night, worked brightly through to lunchtime but then started to feel a little weary. Lay down on the floor of my office, and put on the Transdendence CD (that's Level 1 of the Brain Evolution System). About 13 minutes in, just as I was really spacing out in a deeply relaxed place, someone knocked on the door. I ignored them and they went away. But then the batteries on my CD player conked out at 14 minutes. I was damned if I was going to quit there, so I replaced the batteries and started all over again. 
ACUITY - brain food supplement bonus with Brain Evolution SystemMy brain seemed more active in the second session. Don't know if that was the caffeine kicking in from the Acuity supplement I had taken before I lay down. (You get two months supply of Acuity capsules free when you order the Brain EV System. This brain food supplement 'enhances clarity, mind power and focus'.) 
It could also have been the position. If you are into meditation, you will know that it is a lot harder to meditate lying down, than sitting up. Somehow as soon as you lie down it triggers your subconscious mind. Some research (here), from the Australian National University, suggests that you are more creative lying down than standing. The suggestion is that there is a lowering of the amount of noradrenaline in your system when you lie down. I think of it like this... when you lie down, your dreaming, creative mind kicks in... 
After the session ended, I stood up and thought about some of the things that I want to manifest, then just stood in an attitude of gratitude. I became aware that despite the thought activity while I was lying down listening to Transcendence, my energy field was really still and poised. I had what I can only describe as a "velvety smooth" consciousness, as though everything was ironed out and now in alignment. All tiredness had once again totally disappeared too! 
Day 12: 06-11-2008 "Keys to Being"   
Today's session with the Brain Evolution System was an early-morning, sit-down, cross-legged meditation. I began by counting backwards down from 25, telling myself to relax deeper with each number. I was keen to get into the experience as quickly as possible. By the time I reached zero, I was slumped over in complete relaxation. I then imagined a hot-air balloon with a string below it tied to the top of my head. As the ballloon went up, I straightened up into perfect posture but still nice and relaxed. To make sure, I mentally went to each body part from the top of my head down to my toes, telling each to relax even deeper. Next I shifted my focus to my breathing, trying to make it smooth and soft. Allowing my consciousness to travel along with it, as easily as the bubbling water sounds of the stream, playing in my ear. There are 100 separate tracks fused into each of the 6 audios that make up BrainEV -- The Brain Evolution System. This little bit of prepatory work only took about 5 minutes to do, but by the end of it I was sitting there in complete relaxation, completely connected up with myself, in a state of Beingness. 
Sat there, allowing this to continue, and various ideas for articles and marketing bubbled up into my mind. A great session. 
Note to self: Make sure you keep a note pad next to you when you use the Brain Evolution System materials. Get you ideas down on paper as soon as you open your eyes at the end of the session! Reason? This thing causes so many ideas to come up that it is easy to forget them if you walk off and then try and recall them later. 
Day 13:   07-11-2008 
Hey, what's up? I had another car-park session this evening, sitting in my car, listening to Transcendence, while waiting for my son to finish his Karate lesson. How did it go? I went nice and deep into it very quickly. Found myself thinking about an email friend from India who I am helping process some psychic phenomena she's experiencing. This lead to a real sense of deep confidence in my intuition. I felt connected and resonantly empathetic to other people... a universal consciousness if you like. 
Reflecting back on it, the striking thing about it was it's complete felt so natural. As the BrainEV sounds trailed off and finished, I remained in meditation. I strongly recommend this when you are using BrainEV. Give yourself time to soak in the currents created by the brain entrainment technology embedded within the nature sounds on BrainEV. What I notice is how profoundly still my core being is after listening to the CD. There can still be flutterings of thought, but these are like little birds squawking in a vast blue sky. The sense of immensity is what strikes you. So, make sure you let your meditation continue for a few minutes after the audio track ends. It has put you into an optimum state of consciousness -- so you should make use of it rather than getting up and running straight off into your daily life. Just give yourself a few moments to reflect on where you are in consciousness... 
Day 14:   08-11-2008 
Rest day. Saturday's are a bit hectic anyway. Had bonfire and fireworks this evening! 
Day 15:   09-11-2008 "Feeling Resonant" 
Brain Evolution System has kept me going for 2 weeks. Today's session saw me sitting down cross-legged after lunch, donning the ear phones and disappearing into the psycho-acoustic symmetries of Transcendence for the thirteenth time (2 rest days, remember?). 
Observation: some sessions, my mind seems more active and stirred up than others when meditating. The crucial difference between regular meditation and meditation with BrainEV is that regardless of the level of mental static (inner chatter / noisy thoughts), your brain is harmonized by a Brain Evolution session. 
Normally, when you are meditating, the idea is to focus on your mantra, your breath, or whatever thing you are concentrating on, or upon your mind if you are expanding your awareness. But when your thoughts drift off, you completely get off track and lose your concentration or awareness. With BrainEV this doesn't seem to matter as much, because the greater part of your brain is still being entrained to whatever frequencies they layer into the audio track. 
What happens subjectively is that the inner chatter voice seems diminished in size or significance during a BrainEV session. It seems to become submerged in and surrounded by a resonant state of Being, a vast sea of silence and tranquility. At least, that is how I experienced it today. Even now, sitting in my office chair, making these notes, the undercurrent of my consciousness is still 'ringing' with a sense of stillness, poise and presence. 
Day 16:   10-11-2008 "Getting Beyond ME!" 
Midday meditation session with Brain Evolution System level 1. At first, I was doing all kinds of relaxation exercises and things to deepen my "high-tech meditation", but then I recognised that the tension I most needed to let go of was my own egoic need to control the session. 
So I just sat back and listened to the track, and rode the sounds into a space of serenity and stillness. Very relaxing. I feel too still to wish to add anything else to that. I feel... complete, unified, whole. 
Day 17:   11-11-2008 "Vengeful Feelings Resolved" 
Brain Evolution System session melts my 'Dr Evil' feelings!A 9PM session, following receiving some news by email of an associate trying to cheat me out of monies owed. The first ten minutes of this Brain EV session, I found myself in an intensely focused state. Only trouble was I was focused on revenge! I must say that the Brain Evolution System track made a marvellous stimulant and background to my 'Dr Evil' plotting! I came up with loads of ideas of how to get back at my 'enemy' and make him regret his actions towards me!  
Fortunately, in the second 10 minutes of BrainEV, I became more detached and cool-minded. I switched my attention to actually looking at my vengeful feelings and studying them with calm detachment. In the light of awareness, the angry energy dissipated like stream vapours melting into the air. I felt bemused and amused by my anger. 
In the last 8 minutes or so of the session, the stream of 'conscious' thoughts seemed like flotsam on the surface of the deep sea. This was the deep sea of mind. 
What seems to happen with Brain Evolution System level 1 is that it moves your point of attention from the narrow mind to the broad mind. From the little picture to the big picture. From fearful thinking to intuitive wise thinking. It's hard to describe. The nearest I can get to it is the sense of expanding into the fullness of who you really are, and who you are meant to be... 
Day 18:   12-11-2008 "Mind Like An Eel On A Hook" 
Having peacefully resolved my issues with the person mentioned yesterday, sat down to listen to BrainEV level 1 at 1.30PM today. Felt a bit irritated and annoyed at 'having to' do this Brain Evolution System session every day. My mind felt a bit like an eel on a hook, wriggling every which way to get off. Yet, there underneath all these machinations, I felt anchored by the track and letting go, put my attention upon it. Opened up inside as the inner silence deepened and carved its way into me, past all the surface mind noise. Visual images started popping up in great clarity. I was tempted to try and turn that into proper visualization of goals, but I just let it go and returned to the peacefulness. Session was interrupted abruptly towards the end, and I had to get up and respond to an urgent email. No problem. Felt cool and calm... 
Days 19-20-21-22: 16-11-2008 "Road Trips"  
I was away for these four days but I loaded Transcendence onto my iPod and took BrainEV along for the ride. Perhaps that should be the other way around because after full days of sight seeing and hiking, I was listening to the Brain Evolution System level 1 last thing at night, going to sleep with it on. What I experienced was deep, sudden relaxation, vivid mental imagery replaying scenes of things and places I had seen in the day. One day I had been in ancient temple, and during that nights session, it was as though I was in that temple again, only it was really huge and I had a sense of great space around me. The imagery had such a clarity to it... rather like you get first thing in the morning after a heavy storm the night before, you know? I slept like a log each of the nights... I can't really put that down to BrainEv alone though as I was just physically drained each night. But you know how it is in hotels, strange beds, uncomfortable pillows, noise from the hallways, too hot or too cold, sometimes you just can't sleep no matter how tired you are. Well, listening to BrainEv there was none of that in my experience. I slept deeply and woke up happy. I just wish it could cure blisters too! ;-)
Day 23: 17-11-2008 "Sarah Silverman is Singing To Me" 
Late afternoon session. You know the drill by now. I was sat in the car waiting for Junior. It was dark outside. I started listening to level 1 BrainEV and immediately dropped deep into it. I think it was the immediate and incredibly vivid imagery that just grabbed my attention. I think I was seeing the sleeve of a jumper and my vision kept ratcheting down like a telescope into closer and closer more focused close-ups of what I was looking at. As it got closer it got more vivid so that there was a tactile 3D quality and attention on the texture of the material I was looking at. It was also vivid color.
Watching all this in my mind's eye, I barely noticed how deeply relaxed I was getting, until I became aware that my head was hanging, my chin almost resting on my chest! Felt very much at peace. There were very spacious moments, with an intense sense of inner space and 'significance'.
Sarah Silverman sings her way into my BrainEV session! Grr!BIZARRE: At some point, I can't remember now if it was at the beginning, in the middle, at the end or right after, I had Sarah Silverman's spoof song she did for Jimmy Kemble's birthday ("I'm f**king Matt Damon!") going through my head! Earlier in the day, I had been on Youtube watching Kemble's revenge song ("I'm f**king Ben Affleck!") and they referenced the first one, which is annoyingly catchy and both are hilarious. I guess the relaxation just brought up the memory!
Anyway, back to the BrainEV session... at the end, I had a vision of a vivid gold mandala with a bright blue jewel in the centre. This had a Persian feel to it in it's design, especially when the jewel became an Arabic window in a gold lacquer wall. The thing was, again, it was intensely real.
Day 24: 18-11-2008 "Any More Relaxed and I'd Be Dead!" 
Sat in my office chair at 5pm and donned the earphones, and settled in to listening to the Brain Evolution System level 1: Transcendence. The room was dark. And I was looking forward to the session. Within moments, I had gone deep inside. I just completely spaced out. I know I didn't fall asleep, but I became aware that my head was slumped on my chest and I had a delicious warm feeling of relaxation throughout my body. I felt like I had somehow dumped a ton of stress I didn't even know I had been holding onto! It was a sweet experience and I couldn't help smiling as the session drew to a close and I opened my eyes, feeling pretty damned great.
Been singing like a lark all day too. What's THAT about? Spontaneously composing songs like a wandering minstrel!! I guess the lid was flipped off my creativity some time in the last three weeks!
(Oh and I've been looking at something else today that ties in nicely with the brain evolution system, especially as it has a similar name. It's called The Super Mind Evolution System -- check it out as they have some brain power freebies and giveaways that are very cool.)
Day 25:   19-11-2008  "Completely Zoned!" 
I'm writing this and gazing around the room in awe, checking out how clear my vision seems to be after having the most relaxing BrainEV session yet. I think I dropped off the face of the earth for 30 minutes! Phew, I can't tell you how good it feels to deeply and truly relax in a way where all your tension - conscious and unconscious - just drops away. There's spmething deliciously renewing about 'disappearing' into that abyss of freedom to re-emerge stronger, revitalised and full of renewed hope and energy. 
Brain Evolution System Level 1 brainwave frequencies  I've just for the first time gone to the Brain Evolution System's customer support site and watched the video that accompanies Level 1 Transcendence. It turns out that BrainEV level 1 is designed to help you get into deep states of relaxation -- which is just what has been happening to me. 
On this screen cap from the video, it shows the 3 interacting frequencies within the track (3P D.E.A.P = 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process) and the brainwaves that they entrain your brain to produce and experience. 
I've only got another few days to go on level 1, and I'm really excited to discover what Level 2 will do for me (and to me!). 
Day 26: 20-11-2008 
A late BrainEv session today. I lay down about 8.30pm and listened to the Transcendence track. Felt a bit resentful at first... "Not that bloody stream again!" ;-) However, I persisted and relaxed into it. I can't say that I noticed anything particular from it until the end. My mind had been in freewheeling mode I think. Going where it will while my body was relaxed. Towards the end of the track though I noticed my focus sort of swept smoothly up from it's wide defocused state into a keener awareness of the stillness and space in my mind's eye. I just became very present and... presenceful. Felt completely unemotional. No reaction whatsoever. Just watchfulness and stillness, and this 'resonance' remains in the background even now. Odd... 
Day 27: 21-11-2008 "Trancendent Experience!" 
At midday, I think I discovered the meaning behind the title of BrainEV Level 1 Transcendence. I found myself listening to the track and consciously letting go. First I let go of the tension in my head, face and shoulders. Then I noticed how even when you are physically still the mind can be doing lots of actions. 
If, like me, you have an active imagination then you will appreciate how easily the mind projects outward, chasing up ideas. I'm getting the image of a gun dog, like a springer spaniel, bounding through the reeds, sniffing here and there, wildly excited. The mind is like that -- it bounces from place to place in pursuit of whatever scent takes its fancy at that moment. 
So, I started letting go of that. Letting go of any feeling of having to do something, letting go of any sense of need or want. And that's when the Transcendence happened. I found myself completely still and in a state of completion. I went from NEEDING and WANTING to HAVING and BEING. It's an extraordinary feeling, and I know that it is an important state to achieve in manifestation and prayer work. I believe author Gregg Braden calls this the Zero Point. That seems an appropriate and convenient term to use for a state in which you feel like you have nowhere you need to go, nothing you need to be. A transcendent state in which you transcend your normal workaday reality. 
Day 28:   22-11-2008  "AURA VISION?" 
Sat down right after lunch for a go with the Brain Evolution System. I had the option of a rest day today, but I fancied another dose of meditation. Might have been a bit too soon after a big cheese, tomato, orange pepper and cucumber sandwich for sitting in half-lotus against the wall of my office as I felt full in the wasitline! Certainly, I didn't experience anything particularly special today. 
My mind was wandering, my body was relaxed, and I was still afterwards but that was about it. I did have a few seconds of seeing my own aura when I opened my eyes after the session ended -- just some flashes of electric blue colors around my head. 
Day 29:   23-11-2008 "Gettin' Me A Shrimp Boat!" 
Get slack-jaw relaxed with Brain Evolutioon System's Level 1 Transcendence!  Just finished the penultimate session of level 1 of the Brain Evolution System. Embarassingly, I got so 'slack-jawed' relaxed that I dribbled on myself! My lower lip was drooping so much that I must have looked like Forrest Gump's best friend, Bubba. Remember him? The one who was always going on about getting himself a shrimp boat when he got out of the army. I must have looked pretty as a picture! 
Here's the thing though. I am learning so much about the value of true deep relaxation. It's not just about relaxing your physical muscles. It's also, more profoundly, about relaxaing your emotional and mental 'muscles' too. BrainEV level 1 "Transcendence" has been, for me, all about letting go of need, compulsion, and desire. During a session, you can achieve the spiritual state of being desireless. It might only last for the duration of the session, but you at least get to experience it. 
And what does desirelessness give you? 
FREEDOM!!!  You get to experience being free. Free of the chains that bind you. 
Wanting and needing and obsessing over things... these are all additional ways in which we become captive. It's bad enough that the world is set up in such a way that most of us have little real liberation. We are molded and shaped by marketers and politicians, adept at sherperding us in specific directions that serve their aims. We are imprisoned by our habits. How wonderful then to really let go of all that! And to experience a deeper state in which your true being, the expansive spirit, gets some room to shine in your consciousness. 
Most of the time our minds are so preoccupied with earning a living, dealing with relationships, or reacting emotionally to the scare story of the day, that this inner spirit rarely gets any 'screen time' in your conscious mind. So we forget about it. We forget our true nature. And become identified with the false avatar of the game we play in daily life. 
What does the Brain Evolution System's Level 1 track do? I would say it brings  coherence. Coherence is defined as a 'logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts.' Much of the time the brain, most peoples brain, is in a state of chaos. It's like an LA riot in there! C'mon, you know it's true! My experience with BrainEV 1 is that it brings order. It quells the riot. It makes peace between the warring parties. Afterwards, you feel clear headed. You feel like you have been tuned up to the point where you can perform at your best. Whatever level of performance that is, it's your best, and that's the important thing. When you put a race car on the track, whether its Nascar or Formula One, you tune the engine so that its performance is optimized. BrainEv does that for your brain. 
Day 30:   24-11-2008  
So here it was, my final day with Level 1 of the Brain Evolution System. The setting was anti-climatic. My car, outside the leisure centre, on a dark cold wintry night. I had an hour to kill. Slipping on my headphones, and reclining the drivers seat so I was lying back, I entered the world of Transcendence for the last time. I'd like to be able to tell you that I had some mind-blowing experience to top off my month with BrainEv's opening CD. But no, that didn't happen. All I know is that I relaxed really deeply, and that the time shrank and whizzed by. I didn't fall asleep, just entered a place where I was 100% resting... 
And that, I think, is what Transcendence is all about... it's about letting go, releasing, transcending the stresses and strains of daily living and plunging into an inner pool of stillness and lightness. That is what this first month with BrainEv has shown me. A technologically-aided way to quickly and completely let go of stress. A high-tech system of tuning my brain to an optimum level of easy relaxation. A way to get to experience liberation from false ideas about what I need or want. A chance to be free, and experience the refined bliss of deep stillness and the beginnings of inner silence -- a union with the deeper powerful mind of the genius within. 
I'm excited, I can't wait now to move on to the next level of these unique brain entrainment CDs. Why not take advantage of the FREE trial to give The Brain Evolution System a go yourself? 
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